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HarderTo Drink


i'm just turning 21 and have been drink since i was about 17 or 18 mostly just on weeknds sometimes more really i don't drink much more than my friends and i never really had touble drink alcohol and rarely have got sick maybe twice drinking alcohol but recently i just haven't been able to stomach it as much.

i have been eating very healthy the for the past year and working out hard obviously quiting would be best but it's hard to get around drinking in college and i love to drink with my freinds and have a good time is maybe the amount of traning i have been doing flush my body of nutrients if anything my eating habit are far better than they were in the past when i consumed alchol with ease is this something that i should be talking to my doctor about maybe a condition with my liver not being able to break it down like it use to.

i'm not that old yet i'v just earned the right to buy
the shit i read that drinking rids vitamins B & C in ur body so was consdiering taking them before drink, but my question is i never worried about these things before and it hasn't had that much affect but in general i just can't drink like i use too what may be casusing this


Fuck that hurt to read. My advice...Don't worry a thing about drinking and learn to use correct grammar!!!!


It has fucked up your ability to use English and punctuation.


Meh, I'm going through the same thing now. First time I started alcohol was last year at New Years (so I guess technically it's two years ago) as a junior in high school, and for a couple of months I abused alcohol to a ridiculous extent. I would be holding a handle of vodka in one hand and a handle of tequila in the other and chugging from each every 1-2 minutes before passing out.

Now I just can't stomach it that much. Which is really unfortunate cuz I'm actually starting to appreciate the taste of beer and wine, and I'd like to be able to enjoy a glass of brandy without puking at the smell.


Stop drinking and get back into high school.


Punctuation and capitalization skills would help also.

If you don't want to drink, don't drink.


Are you sure you didn't mean to write drunk since you were 17 or 18?

I second lostinthought's advice. Yowza.



However, in response to your question, the fitter you are and the less fat you carry, the harder alcohol hits. You are going to have to re-learn your tolerances- they will have changed.

Also, when you first started drinking your liver was still fresh and young. It could handle more toxins. The more you drink, the more cumulative damage occurs. The hangovers get more common
and worse.


Funny, it seems I'm better able to handle alcohol with greater mass. I figured it was due to having an increased metabolic rate. But then I also did a couple successful liver flushes, with epsom salts and olive oil. So who knows.


I think it is a blessing you don?t like alcohol. I have seen a lot of people f__k up their life with alcohol. I wish I did not like it. I try to keep my indulgence to a minimum


You're in college?


Two periods and one comma in that one, huh?

Seriously though, if you can't drink as much anymore, don't. Have 2-3 beers and call it a night. You don't have to be drunk to have fun with your friends. It'll only help your training anyway.


Drink in moderation, train more, and get a book on grammar.


I type like that when I'm drunk.


run on sentence

nice avatar... you do realize though that anytime you post, it will turn into a chuck norris lives in a round house thread, right?


I've been binge drinking since I was 18 and am now 29. I've gotten beligerent drunk every weekend over the last eleven years with the exception of a couple sober weekends each of those years. Some of my drunken "weekends" have been around 3-5 days in length. My tolerance is extremely high. It's higher now than it's ever been and I'm very seldom hungover, nothing like in the early days. I've never gotten into any trouble whatsoever due to my debauchery except for maybe hooking up with a fat chick one time, okay, maybe two times, but nevertheless I'm a responsible drunk.

I do get heartburn something terrible, though and am on prescription Prilosec. My brain doesn't function as quickly as it used to, either. I look leaner after a drunk, also. Anyhow, those are the only side effects I've noticed.

I used to be able to drink anything, take any shot, up until my 21st b-day. I did the 21 shot thing and now almost puke at the smell of certain liquors. So, to fix that I drink mixed drinks intstead of shots.

So, if you want to be a binge drinker like me, be responsible. When you drink and drive, don't get caught. And when you do a fat chick, don't let your friends catch you, but hey, fat girls need lovin', too.

The more I exercise and the more lean muscle I add my tolerance increases as well. And usually I'm never hungover.


People talk about needing to drink less and not handling alcohol as well once they start to train hard and eat better. I have never experienced this. Anyhow, who cares? You will be happy to have a lower tolerance once you get over worrying about looking cool. Easier on your body, less empty calories, and easier on you wallet. I wish I had a low tolerance. And no once cares once you get out of college. Sure, two-beer queers might be looked at with some derision and as, well, two-beer queers. But no one really monitors nor cares how much you're drinking.


You call drinking to belligerence EVERY weekend, driving drunk, and possibly now experiencing impaired digestive and and cognitive function being responsible?!

Look, I am not here to preach: I, like most people, like to knock back a few once in a while. But, with all due respect, if you have decreasing and digestive brain function from your repeated bouts of binge drinking, you are not responsible.

If you drink and drive, you are a fucking moron, who deserves to be thrown in the slammer. That goes beyond being irresponsible, and crosses over to idiocy.


There really ought to be no laws against drinking and driving. If you get caught, you should just get the living shit beaten out of you.

I'd endorse that.


Be responsible... "WHEN" you drink and drive, not even an "IF" you drink and drive?

Are you kidding. I think anyone who drinks and drives is a moron. A complete moron who has no respect for him/herself, the people in the car (if there any) and everyone else out on the road. I dont care who you are, no matter how much you can handle, you shouldnt drink and drive. Notice I didnt say "you shouldnt drive drunk" I said you shouldnt drink and drive. Theres no difference.

Just think about what you would do if you or someone you loved got hurt (to say the least) because of a drunk driver. I know I (as well as most others on here) would go nuts if this happened. It shouldnt have to happen to you (or anyone) to realize it CAN happen, and eventually will.

Driving requires extreme amounts of responsibility, learning to get a fuckin ride home if youre going to be drinking is one of them. Do yourself, as well as everyone else who lives in your town: dont drink and drive!