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Harder Farmer's Walk Variations for Fat Loss?

having limited equipment at home, how to make farmer’s walk more difficult and use it as a standout workout for greater EPOC!!
other than being a finisher on some days…

Here are a few ways

Do Zercher carries

Do overhead carries

Do deadlift walks instead (deadlift a bar and walk with it)

Do unilateral farmer walk (holding weight only on one side)

Combine farmer walk and walking lunges (e.g. pre-fatigue with walking lunges then immediately do your farmer walk)

Wear a heavy backpack on top of the weight you are carrying

Pre-fatigue the abs before doing the farmer walk

If you have a wheelbarrow, you can use that. It’s less stable and make the exercise harder.

If you want to challenge your grip use a 3 or 2 fingers grip or use a pinch grip carry

Superset one of the these movements with your farmer walk: deadlift, power clean variation, high pull… do your set and immediately move on to the farmer walk


thank you so much!! i shall incorporate these, and will post my experience

so i did my emom workout consisting of front squats with 80 kg on odd minutes , alternating with 20 kg db overhead presses on even minutes, 4 reps each set, for 20 minutes!

then decided to do a farmer’s walk medley as a finisher, this is what i did:

kung fu lunges(30)
waiter’s carry 20kg db, 18 steps each arm(i have only this much space on my terrace)
suitcase carry with 40 kg (18 steps each arm)
clean and press 50 kg barbell , overhead carry 18 steps, c & p again, walk back overhead carrying 18 steps
suitcase carry 20 kg, 18 each arm

i thought i’d be able to do 5 rounds easily with 2 minutes of rest between rounds, but after 2 rounds i ran out of gas , it was humbling!!
cheers chris…