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Hardcore Squat Suit


Hi guys,
Does anyone have experience with Inzer Hardcore SQ Suit? Especially in comparison with the Inzer Z suit?
Comments on fit and comparitive performance as well as durability, please.
Note here in the UK a Hardcore will cost around ?130 ($230?) the Z suit slightly less than half that (?60).



If you're going to order inzer stuff, order it at www.houseofpain.com their sizing is more accurate.


Thanks Phil,
I'm really after comments on how the performance of the two compare to each other.



Hardcore is a much stronger suit, meaning that it should be worn be people that can handle the suit- and by that I mean it should NOT throw you out of your grove, are you handling enough weight to bend the suit peoperly while keeping form. The biggest mistake powerlifters make is that they use gear that better lifters are using, however they shouldn't.
A Z-Suit is a great starter suit and many of the best started with those when they began.
I squat and DL 3X BDWT and on my level, the Hardcore is best for me, it gives me great rebound at the bottom of lifts, and gives that overall tight, confident feel.
Make sure you size your suit correcty, meaning that when you get it out of the shipping box , you should immediately realize that it is too small and will never fit- seriously. It is new and not stretched out and should take 2 friends, baby powder and half an hour to get on, your first few reps you shouldn't be able to get totally down. It will stretch out and fit like a glove after a few workouts. also put suit on inside out, by sliding legs into the pullng suit over itself.
Also Dont wash your suit or ever put in the dryer, if your training partners think you smell too bad, then hand wash and let AIR DRY.
Also many lifters put on their squat suit backwards for deadlifting, personal preference.
Also custom alterations can be made by various companies if its not perfect since those suits are standard and not custom. Dont let your MOM do these!
I hope that this helps, good luck training and new PR's ahead. Jon


Oh Yeah! I forgot- INZER has many used suits that have been fixed by the company, they are usually half price and just as good as new.
Also if you got both that would be good since in OFF season it is best to train with loose gear(Z-Suit) to build RAW strength, meet comes close then you wear tighter, stronger gear(Hardcore).



Good Stuff!