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Hardcore Power Pants


I am planning on getting these for hip protection and if I get some carry over on the squat I will be happy. Are these the best to get or are there others that are better. I don't have the cash to buy a squat suit. Hardcore power pants can be found here http://www.houseofpain2.com/product-details.html?pid=696&scid=145&tsccat=145

Thanks for your help.


The hardcore "power pants" are 2 ply briefs made out of the hardcore material. They will definitely protect your hips, but if you are only looking for minimal carryover (which it sounds like you are, sorry if I'm reading you wront), they probably aren't your best bet. Go with some groove briefs or power pants from Inzer's website.


Thank you. Exactly what I was looking to hear.


Would there be an advantage to getting the pants in multi ply vs. single ply and why? I am new to gear. THanks for your help


The 2-ply hardcore briefs will give you much more carryover than the basic ones on the inzer website. It all depends on how much you want to get out of them. If you want them to train and compete in with the goal of lifting as much weight as possible, go with the multiply. If you want them for protecting your hips without too much distortion of your raw strength, go with the single ply.


Thank you very much for your answer. Again, exactly what I am looking for.


Do you know if these pants by Inzer are very durable?




You have been a huge help. One more question and I will leave you alone. :slightly_smiling: Would you go with these if you were strapped for cash and could not by a regular squat suit?


It would depend. If my hips were killing me and I had no other option at the time, yes.

If I wanted something to wear in a meet, I would wait until I could afford a Titan or Metal squat suit.


I never understood the point with power pants, some of the worlds strongest olympic squatters never used them. If you have any pains, listen to your body, and use time and patience to work around it. I've been squatting for nine years, and had all kinds of pains, hip-pain, back-pain, knee-pain etc.. But that comes with the territory, if you are patient and willing to learn from your experiences, then you will preserve. Have a long term view. Squatting heavy tomorrow, if your body is not ready for it because of pain, then you need to heal, and then slowly progress again.

There is no need to use these for "hip protection", and if you are happy if you can squat more with them, then it is just weird, it is not like you become stronger when you use them. Your max is still your max, and if you can lift 10 pounds more with power pants, I don't get what kind of happiness you would achieve from that.

-- stallion


Did you really just post in an inactive thread to bitch about powerpants?

We get it already. You love to squat and there is no reason to live if you can't squat deep. And all the guys that squat in gear are a bunch of cheating pussies. You're super hardcore because you've dealt with pain and injuries. You sit in your power rack and jack off to video of oly lifters squatting. Enough already.


You need to get over yourself.


Do you do any other lifts but the squat?


No. He's like the "Big Willie" Hall of the squat.


I don't get what kind of happiness you achieve from bouncing chump weight off your heel for sets of 20, but hey- whatever makes you happy is your own business brother.

As for wearing supportive gear to mitigate injuries in training, it works. Most of these great Olympic lifters you speak of are physically unable to perform at a national or world level by the time they are in their 30s. The joints and connective tissues have accumulated too much trauma by then. They can listen to their bodies- but the body will tell them to give it up and take up a less abusive hobby- most do. However, we know that a man can stay strong and get stronger well into his 40s and even 50s if he can put on some briefs, wrap his knees, and maybe put on a bench shirt. For a personal perspective, I tore my left pec a month ago benching raw. It wasn't a seperation from the bone- just a rupture in the muscle belly with some internal bleeding, some swelling, and a little pain. Benching raw- even to a 2 or 3 board- was pretty painful- but in a shirt I could still train. One week after the tear, I was training hard again. Two weeks out, I hit a small PR benching full range with reverse bands. Three weeks out, I smoked a 40 lb PR off a 2 board. Absent a shirt, I would just be getting around to training heavy now.


You people are a funny bunch. All I promote is old school compound exercises, done with proper form. And I also think it is important to have a long term view in regard to the training. Much of the modern training equipment one can buy today is not necessary. Stick to the basics, and train hard and you will get far. In commercial gyms today 90% of the people are more concerned about their appearance, then actually doing some honest hard training.

I voice my opinion as I see fit, and if you don't like it, that's fine by me. :slightly_smiling:

-- stallion


And that...has absolutely nothing to do with power pants.


Exactly. Digging up a dead thread to complain about gear isn't called advocating an "old school" training approach, its called trolling.

You can train however you want, but doing things like informing others that their approach is wrong because its not how you do it, or that the tools that they are using to avoid injury are unnecessary, is simply done to stir up shit.


I don't think Stallion meant to upset anyone and was only tryin to be helpful with his advice,
personally I only clicked on this thread cause I'd never heard of 'powerpants' before and the name sounded bloody funny!
I am happy to try out any gear that will help me to become a better lifter but I'll still continue to laugh at the name . . 'Powerpants!' ha ha ha!