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Hardcore or Floozy


How many of you T-Nation members are dedicated truly to what you do, whether that be lifting, eating, training, etc.? How many of you are truly hardcore?

For example, do you spend your Friday nights partying, drinking, hanging out with random members of the opposite sex? Or do you spend your Friday night, training, eating, making sure you get your proper rest?

How many of you are ready to sacrifice? And why do you sacrifice?

And what do you guys do when tempetation e.g. food, women, money, whatever strikes you?

I got the inspiration to ask this question, after reading Alpha's log, who he is himself is a true warrior with strong morals.


It's not like there is a thin line between being absolutely hardcore and being a complete deadbeat.

Dave Tate is one of the most hardcore lifters in the world. His entire life is dedicated to power lifting, and he's fought countless injuries to be one of the strongest men on the planet. Yet, he still goes on vacations with his children and makes sure to spend a lot of time with them. Does that make him weak? No. It makes him human.


Um, my Friday night's involve rich foods, single malts, fat cigars, and fat butts on skinny women. So, I must not be hardcore. rolls eyes


The hardest thing to do in Oz is to stay off the sauce. I go weeks on end without hitting the piss and my training clearly benefits from it.

Amongst the general male population over here though it's seen as ghey.

To my fellow lifters, it's dedicated.

So as of the last 12 months my weeks usually entail setting up dates for the weekend so i can hang out with a chick and not drink, still have the chance of getting nuuude, and not have to go to the pub and drink 20 schooners.

If there's no chicks around i usually stay home and watch TV whilst knitting a cardigan.


[quote]stockzy wrote:
The hardest thing to do in Oz is to stay off the sauce.

Tell me about it! When I lived there it was so hard trying to go a few days without drinking. Literally every social event includes boozing. Saying that though, im back in the UK now and it's pretty much the same as oz in that respect.


Who cares?

Do you whatever you want to do.


I bet drinking will get you no where in life or physique-wise, just ask Holy Mac.


LOL, no kidding. I still drink on Friday and Saturday nights sometimes; even gasp weekdays now and then! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy lifting, and getting stronger and bigger, but I would rather enjoy myself and not stress over eating out and getting drunk. I can see if your a pudgy kid, with no muscle, that you might want to be a little more serious. Or maybe a professional BB or model or some shit; but if not, life's too short.


Someone was jerking off alone last night.


Just because somebody doesn't drink/get drunk doesn't mean they don't have any fun in life.

From my point of view, people who say life is short are almost always weekend drinkers or more and use this as an excuse to make them feel better about themselves for getting drunk all the time. Life isn't that short...people just waste most time they have.


Until i get paid to go to the gym i will continue to have a life outside of it.

Theres some young people on this board who are to scared to play pick up basketball without having Surge Wokrout Fuel in case they lose muscle mass and its pretty sad.

Obviously getting hammered 5 nights a week isn't going to help your physique but theres a line, and you only live once.

All power to people who don't want to go out drinking (or whatever) but I don't find that "hardcore" at all, they probably wouldn't be doing it even if they didn't lift.

Completely giving up something that you really enjoy (whatever that may be) for the sake of slightly better gains at the gym is depriving yourself unneccesserily in my opinion

But like I say obviously theres a line.


I've decided to cut back on drinking and my other drugs. That doesn't mean I'm still not going to be a part of my rave scene. Will I roll, get lit, or shitfaced every now nd then...Hell yes!

People need to realize that there is no such thing as "Hardcore" why? because we are human. We do have emotions and desires...obligations to families, friends ourselves

the concept is called moderation

I am glad I figured that out for myself before I really faded into the blackness


Hey brotha I salute anyone that can sacrifice any and all to attain there physical goals and go to there death bead with a smile on there face knowing they pushed aside all to get that extra cut or add that extra pound to there squat.

But I do what I do because I like it, its fun to lift to be stronger than the next guy. But hell I need that german beer from time time and the oft handed titty in my face and firm/round/jiggly ass in my lap as often as possible. Does it mean I will never be as strong(powerlifter) as I can be yeah maybe. But I like the balance of what I do in the gym and in my life.

To each his own.


I hate to tell you this, dude, but you can't fuck a barbell. You can't eat a barbell. You can't use a barbell for currency and purchase stuff.

That hardcore phase will end within a few years.


@OP, how do you balance out your work, training, study, social life and other things and still achieve goals in all these aspects of life?


You can so fuck a barbell.

Just don't expect it to be all into it n stuff.


I always thought you use the gym to train for life OUTSIDE of the gym. I compete (powerlifting) and I use the gym and training for Certain Goals, But those are not the only goals I have. Like the guy said unless your being paid for this its only a part of your life.

I still have that goal of Halle Berry in the front and Sara Jay on my shoulders but Hell I only give that 30% of effort. So I guess I'm never going to be HARDCORE.


this made me lol.

Dude what good are big muscles if you cant use em for stuff? If your telling me you trainly 100% for yourself to look at in the mirror. If you dont play any sports, and dont use your muscles to attract women (or men if thats what your into), then that some serious narcissism you have going on there.


What they said. And if you do try to fuck a barbell, don't let it sit out in the rain and get rusty. Then it really hurts.


I haven't had a drink for since about March-April time (i'm 19 in the UK), training for next rugby season as if I want to break through and play some serious rugby then I pretty much have to do it over the next few years. I think it's acceptable because I don't want to look back and wonder if I could've played rugby for a living which is my dream. I'd rather look back and have people say I wasted some of 'the best years of my life' (getting that a lot right now) but not have any regrets.


My point is that I don't eat or drink 100% perfect all of the time. Shit, it's probably closer to 70 or 80% of the time. And thanks for calling me out, I was just trying to make myself feel better.