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So because I love sharing my musical tastes with people and having others share theirs with me, I start this thread in a way to bring together lovers of Hardcore and it's various sub genres. Feel free to share new music, classic favorites, live show stories, and anything that revolves around a music scene that is built around perseverance, strength, and brotherhood (much like this site)

Personally, I've always been most fond of the New York bands (Agnostic Front, Cro Mags, Warzone, etc.) and bands that are influenced by that style. Newer bands such as Cruel Hand, Terror, Alpha and Omega and Foundation have been fueling my workouts as of late.

Also, just to get things started off right, I highly recommend everyone checking out the site "hate5six.com" Full concerts for free in excellent quality from some of the best bands out there. They cover all the fests (New England Hardcore, Black N Blue, etc) as well so for those who can't make it (yours truly) it's a great way to witness some epic performances.


I'm really not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I've been inundated with many scenes in the past. Here a few I can remember enjoying... (again, maybe the wrong genres altogether - If so, my apologies.)

I'm not sure which of these falls closest under your definition of "hardcore." I've heard about 50 different descriptions of the genre, so I just kinda threw out a few things that I know have been lumped in with the 'hardcore' label. It's really about who you ask I've found.


Favorites that I grew up with, and still listen too, while the definition of hardcore may be different to different people, these bands many from my neighborhood are the definition of NYHC and Hardcore in general.

My favorites - Sick of it All, H2O, No Redeeming Social Value, Crown of Thornz, Mad Ball, Murphys Law, Gorilla Biscuits, BadBrains and BlackFlag to name a few

Seeing these bands in basements and local venues such as Castle Heights and the Galloping Green in Queens and Coney Island High, CBGBs and the Bitter End in the city were some of the highlights and lowlights of my childhood.

I still listen to the same music I did when I was teenager. It doesent get old for me, well at least not the music.


The only band with alot of core influence I've been a big fan of is The Red Chord. They might be much more death metal influenced than you interested in but you might enjoy them. Someone earlier posted a song by them, if you check out their album Clients, it is more core than some of their first album which that poster posted up. The song Antman is one of my favorites.


I got into punk not long after hearing the Pistols in late 70's. American hardcore picked up the anger with a lot more aggression. Minor Threat was the soundtrack of my life through the early to mid eighties. Husker Du followed. From there I tapped into the stuff that was rumbling in the Pacific northwest.


Never really got into The Red Chord despite like many similar "deathcore" and "grindcore" bands that they've been associated with over the year.

Matty, it seems like you and I have similar tastes, what did you think of the new AF/SOIA/Madball releases?

We don't have many local bands on the cusp of breaking out and touring on a larger scale, but "A Sight For Sewn Eyes" put on a great live show and are very technically proficient with their instruments.


hmmm... I like Integrity, Unbroken, Leftover Crack (more hardcore punk), and some others I can't think of. Not a huge hardcore fan, but there's some good stuff out there.


Wasn't sure how much you cared for grindcore but since you mentioned likeing some, the greatest grindcore album "From Enslavement to Obliteration" might suit your needs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFrx50d9kUQ


Negative Approach is tougher than every band listed so far.
I just can't get into these newer HC bands that just scream about their corny moral codes and get words like "HONOR" or "INTEGRITY" tattooed across their backs.
Youth Of Today might be the only exception I will make in that regard.
A lot of newer HC bands just sound like shitty metal bands.


dude I fucking love Napalm Death. At least, one of their albums...

then again, yeah, not really hardcore, but deathy grindcore.


Used to love some NYHC back in the day (mid/late 90s). Madball, old Biohazard, Sick of it All, One King Down (maybe not true NYHC). As far as newer stuff from the old bands, I fucking love "Another Voice" from Agnostic Front.

We had some good local metalcore bands in Boston around that time but all the better ones went on to big careers and softened their sound (Shadows Fall, Diecast, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage) and some that had a great run and just vanished like The Hope Conspiracy.


'Nuff said, not just a fan because of the message and movement they started.


Great band, haven't released anything since 2009 I believe. The whole Deathwish Inc roster is solid top to bottom really, if you're ever looking for new music you can basically pick an artist you haven't heard on the label and not be disappointed.


Honestly I felt the last good album from SOIA, was life on the ropes, and that was like 7 or 8 years ago, Ive heard a few songs of last years album

Madballs legacy, is very good, but admittedly, I still listen to demonstrating my style on a weekly basis. But shatterproof and all or nothing are really good.

I got most of my tattoos from Vinnie Stigma's and Jimmy Gestapos Tattoo Parlor NYHC Tattoo, unfortunately my artists has dissapeared.


I dig a bit of hardcore, mainly the classic bands like Discharge, D.R.I.(if they count, I guess they're more crossover/thrash), Black Flag and Refused. I've been meaning to expand my collection with more of the 80s stuff. Can't get into the new bands.

On topic, I think Amebix just released a new album, or single at least.


I had no idea they were around that recently. I'll have to track it down.


Seriously, how could anyone not love this?


HaHa was waiting for the dude with the John Joseph avatar to start a thread like this. Best show I ever saw was Cro-Mags & Charged GBH, just before Age of Quarrel came out, changed my life man. Assume you've read "Meat is for Pussies" ?



Yes, and "Evolution of a Cro Magnon" both have weighed quite heavily on me. His writing style sucks you immediately. I do believe the bio is being adapted into a screenplay, not sure if it'll be released as the John Joseph movie, or just with the story of his life applied to fictional characters.