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Hardcore Melbourne Gym


Anyone know any? I just watched Strong the Movie about Joe DeFranco's gym in NJ and OMG I want to go to a gym like that. Just wondering if there are any gyms in Melbourne that anyone knows about that is all about lifting big heavy weights, has chains, lots of squat racks and fat bars and grips? Possibly having facilities that include some kind of strongman stuff tyre flipping etc.

Thanks guys.


Yea...good luck on that. I'm in Brisbane but I don't know of any gyms in Australia that are actually gyms and not fitness centres.

There was a post a couple of weeks ago of the owner PTC Frankston which is probably the closest thing.

EDIT: Here is some info:



ive heard spartans gym is pretty good and as for brisbane there is a good one called thor's which is located in westend.


these are both powerlifting gyms in victoria



let me google that for you.
seriously though, go to powerliftingwatch.com, good recommendations there


haha..really? I used to work at Domino's pizza in West End and even took a few deliveries to Thor's(before I knew anything about gyms) and I've always wanted to go check it out again.

Might go have a look tomorrow, although I'm still a member at FF.

As a side not, there is a new chain popping up called Jett's, which is a 24/7 gym and charge about $17/fortnight. Might go have a look at one of these as well.


There's doherty's in brunswick, 24/7. Otherwise, you can sometimes be lucky and find decent university gyms etc


id go to thor's seeing its just around the corner but the southbank college gym is only $90 for three months (cheaper with longer pass) but its great if i need a place to train on the weekend.


90 bucks is cheap, where abouts in southbank is that?

Have you heard of a gym down St Lucia or the UQ uni's? I've seen it mentioned and heard it where the strong guys train but I know nothing about it.


Which side of town are you from Brenton?

I'm out in the western suburbs of Melbourne and haven't really found much out this way. I've been setting up a garage gym with everything I need to do it from here. I work at one of those classic "health clubs" which is less than inspirational from a hard training point of view.

Also, I've been gathering some stuff for some more strong man type of activities which I've started using on Saturdays for some extra strength/conditioning work with a couple of my clients. I've got a big loader tyre which weighs around 200kg, a sled, couple of KB's, a sandbag etc. It's nothing special and I'm certainly not a particularly big or strong guy (yet), but if you're out this side of town and interested in coming along, give me a shout.


Hardgnr... UQ gym is ok, pretty old equipment but has powerlifting mats and what not. Its about 10.50 a week i think for a student, maybe 12ish for random people.

FF's are horrendous and filled with pretentious tools :s the only one I know of that is quality is the Carindale one as its quite big.

CBJ health club on kessels rd at Mt Gravatt is quality IMO, same price as UQ gym if you pay up front. Lots of equipment and minimal tools. There is a good 5 or so geniune big boys that compete consistently in there and everyone is there to train and get the job done. I rate it highly.

Those Jett's gyms are cheap... but no barbells for 'safety' during the late night and also no dumbells above 40kg i think too which is shithouse.


Yea I was told CBJ have DB's up to 70kg or so. Kicking myself for signing up with FF for another 12 months instead of checking that place out, since its actually the closest gym to me anyway.


I'm from western suburbs as well PJ84, up in Sydenham/Taylors Lakes area. PTC looks awesome but frankston is like an hour and half drive away. Thanks for the links guys

My jaw almost dropped when I saw the Melbourne Uni Weighlifting/Powerlifting club, because I go to that uni, membership prices are good I didn't join since I didn't want to train it to uni during the long gaps on holidays, but I'm seriously reconsidering now.

All the gyms I know about especially local ones are fitness places. Places where the cable crossover and smith machine are the centre of attention (kinda good actually the power cage at my gym is always available)


the latrobe university gym in bundoora is shit I went there one day to do my cardio and just check it out all the equipment seemed old/rusty.

I go to Athletique in fairfield, it's one of the best gyms I've tried out. It's owned by a guy that used to compete and there are quite a few people that either compete now or used to compete. The dumbbells go up to 55kg, speaking to a trainer there he said they are trying to push the owner too invest in ones going up to 75kg. Sadly they only have 1 power rack, 1 squat rack and about 5 smith machines, most of the time you can use one or the other.

I tried fitness first back awhile ago, the thing that really put me off it was the fact that all the db's were jumbled up worse than a jigsaw puzzle. I tried the one out in knox and the only thing I like about the place was that they put the lat pulldown machine infront of a mirror so you could see your back working and ipsofacto mind muscle connection.

try and avoid a gym called equilibrium it's a smaller chain but they cater towards middle aged woman, the owner and one of the trainers there used to be good blokes but almost everyone else they hire is/was a tool - i was there for 2 years and was seemingly one of two people that continued to get anywhere


Thors in brisbane is good. I train there. A lot of old equipment but functional. Plenty of heavy db although alot r still in pounds. Anoying.
If u ever in perth check out the muscle pit. Freakn awsome power liftn gym. Chains bands chalk and max efforts.


Thors in brisbane is good. I train there. A lot of old equipment but functional. Plenty of heavy db although alot r still in pounds. Anoying.
If u ever in perth check out the muscle pit. Freakn awsome power liftn gym. Chains bands chalk and max efforts.


Has anyone here checked out Victory Gym in Airport West? They advertise as hardcore bodybuilding.

Moving to Melbourne in couple weeks so will probably check it out. Unfortunately it's almost an hour away from where I'll be. Dohertys is close bye but it's kinda expensive and who knows if it's as good as claimed.

Since we're also speaking Brisbane area, Body Focus in Capalaba is decent. Yeah, a bit out of the way if you aren't in the bayside area. 60kg DBs, couple racks, shit ton of plates. Deadlifting allowed lol, even chalk.


what area will you be moving in


I checked out Thors the other day for a complimentary workout... I liked the concept of it being old school but I dont think the people in it suited the concept of 'old school.' There was also a lack of cardio equipment (not that I use it) but I loved seeing some sweet 200lb DB's on the floor.

Considering the shit load more equipment and quality at CBJ at mt gravatt and the measley $2 difference a week I wouldnt change gyms for it.

Cool gym though for a fella who likes to 'rough' it a lil with no bullshit or pretentious tools staring at themselves in the mirror despite having 12inch arms :slightly_smiling:


Try xplode in sunshine, its 24 hour gym and usually very queit. No memberships there either just 5 buk entry each time you go in and in a big shed, so no A/C and no heater :slightly_smiling: