Hardcore lifter

At my gym there’s one guy who doesn NOTHING else but…

extend his arms out with 5lb dumbells and move them in tiny circles.
He then proceeds to the spinal extension station and does the same while facing down.

What the hell is going through this kid’s mind? Did he forget his balls at home or something? Perhaps his soy cereal has finnally gotten to him.

I’ve seen too many similar scenes from our gym too—and we just joined it 2 weeks ago. Check this—the other day I saw what appeared to be a high school track-and-field-type female (5’4" about 100lb) doing the following exercise: she put 65lb on an olympic bar, dropped below parallel in the stiff-leg deadlift position (rounded back and all) and proceeded to bounce for 8 or 10 reps—all in the bottom 1/3 of the exercise’s ROM. All I could do was cringe just waiting to hear a loud POP as her lower back gave way. It never did, of course, but only time will tell if she keeps up crazy shit like that. I always wonder who teaches people such idiotic exercises.

He might have to do it for therapy. Ask him.

Saw a dude reading the paper in between leg extentions yesterday. Geez, Go home if you’re gonna do that crap and get off that bench I could be using. Also saw a guy using a calf raise machine to do 1/8 ROM squats! WTH?

No, the absolute worst is talking on a cell phone during your set.

maybe you should ask him how to adductions.

Thunder, it’s okay if you’re using one of those hands-free setups for your phone, right? :slight_smile:

It’s hard to know why anyone does anything anywhere. Everyone has their reasons. If you’re busy concentrating on your own work-outs, you won’t notice stuff like this.

Although I’m one to talk. I’m bothered by everything, but nothing I’ve ever done in the gym has ever bothered anyone else. Seriously. I’m perfect.

What about those guys who are always starring at every girls ass that walks about like they’ve been in jail for the past decade and are about to drop down on all fours like a rabbid dog and mount the next sweet little…oh wait that’s me.

Yeah, shouldn’t judge I guess. I’m sure people thought I was nuts dragging that plate back and forth too. If you do any of Coach Davies stuff you’re gonna get looks, at least in my gym.

Jared, if you’re wearing a headset, you’re fine. I think it looks cool. It’s the actual cell phone that irks me so much.

Hey, he at least had weights. I remember when I was in high school they used to have us do the same thing in gym class but without weights. It was usually with our 20 sit ups, 15 pushups, 5 chins, and 20 half knee bends. He probably had the same routine and thinks he is really pushing the envelope now.


Just so that you know, “Extends his arms out” is an oxymoron. If the arm is moving out, you’re seeing flexion or abduction of the humerus.

That said, you were probably seeing Codman pendulum exercises. It’s an excellent rehabilitation exercise for individuals with acute rotator cuff injuries and/or dislocations of the shoulder girdle. The goal is to eliminate any posterior capsular tightness early on. Otherwise, it can lead to anterior and superior translation of the humeral head migration, which leads to impingement.

Take home lessons:

  1. No exercise is inferior; it’s usually just misplaced given an individual’s goals.
  2. Don’t pass judgement on others, especially when you’ve already proven yourself to be shortsighted.
  3. Don’t hire Diesel as your personal trainer if you care about the integrity of your shoulder.
  4. Be nice to people. Otherwise, everyone will jump at the chance to make you eat humble pie.

I don’t think anything looks stupider than those overhead dumbell figure-8 walks.

It seems like they work, though.

Maybe he’s injured.

As previously stated:

I Love Ike.

But I also now love Eric Cressey

In a manly, MANLY way of course.

You know, Beer swillin’, Leering at every passing women’s Breasts, Scratching myself in public kinda Manly.

Yeah, THAT kind of Manly.

Just so we’re clear.

“Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized”

~ Albert Einstein

Actually, that stretches and loosens the shoulder joint. If you have a tight shoulder joint and impingement you can do this to loosen it up.

Get off of your high horse.

… and Cressey comes in and lays the smack down on Diesel AGAIN.

Yea, I am not flamed for putting up something stuiped up for once;). I agree w/ E/C that 5lbs shoulder rotation is very benifical to someone that has a shoulder injury.

Desiel, instead of assuming that this guy is a tool for not lifting a lot of weight as a trainer you should find out what his or her condition is before you make any comment.