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Hardcore Home Training

I love my home gym. I wouldn’t give it up to go back to a commercial gym for anything.

I can actually do a program like Meltdown or any other that requires supersets or giant sets at home.

I don’t have to deal with some crotchety old bastard tapping his foot just waiting for me to finish my set so he can ask when I’ll be done.

Plus I’d look real funny carrying in my home-made 2’x2’x15" wood box for box squats twice a week.

I agree, I love having everything at home. Luckily I Used t he work at a retial fitness equipment store so basicly have a fitness center in my basement. Plus, we (my wife and I) can do not so conventional cardio stuff like HOC with our heavy bag or Precor eliptical or tread or bike. Its also a matter of convenience, in the time it takes to go to the gym and wait for the equipment I could have done a complete workout at home. We can prctice Muay Thai and then go do strength, walk up stairs and eat. My 2 cents.

Whaddaya got for equipment? Did you get it all or once or piecemeal? What did you find most useful to get first? What is your favorite color?

Here is a post about my home gym from a couple months ago…


The only thing I have at home are a set of dumbells, a swiss ball, and a jump rope. There are tons of things to do with those alone, but I have the most fun on my lunch break at work. I’m a supervisor at a steel yard, and I’ve found loads of exercises to do using stuff just laying around. I’ve used everything from railroad ties to scrap steel to rolling pipe on wooden racks. And the best part is, I don’t have to pay for any of it!