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Hardcore Gyms


Im looking for a hardcore gym in MD. Something with a prowler GHR log press tires ect...Something Similar to the dungeon gym i read about in elitefts. Any help would be appreciated.


Maryland is a pretty big state, lengthwise. Might be beneficial to specify your area. I doubt you would want to travel from PAX up to Cumberland to train.

There is an excellent gym in Rockville owned by Sioux-Z Hartwig-Gary and her husband. I've never trained there personally, but hear good things.

Maryland isn't exactly the bastion of strength sports overall though.


you could head down to VA if interested.


There's a strongman gym in Maryland somewhere. Nate, is that the gym you're talking about? I have a friend that trains there, but I don't remember where it is. Could be Rockville. I thought Columbia for some reason.

There aren't that many hardcore gyms in (Northern) Virginia either, for that matter.


we have a pretty hardcore powerlifting gym if i say so myself. it's call aggressive strength and conditioning. we are in chantilly, va.


Rockville is a little far (i live in port tobacco) but im moven out sometime this year. its more so based on where i cam find a good job but we will see what happens.


THIS is the gym you are talking about:

I trained there for a week when I had work im Potomac, MD (15 mins drive). The place is awesome, have 3 racks, deadlift platform, forza bench, olympic bars, chains, boards, bands, GhR, tire, farmer walks, prowler... it is in a small warehouse district so there are no college dbags around. I can't recommend it enough - great place - Matt Gary and his wife, Sioux-Z are great folks and willing to help. They are not expensive either.

If you can't make that place (although I seriously advice you to try it) see this: