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Hardcore Gym's Response to Planet Fitness


My buddy Steve owns Iron Sport Gym in Philly - one of the best commercial gyms in the country. This is his response to the recent spate of popular Planet Fitness ads (although, let's face it, those ads are funny)


Funny ad and that looks like a sweet gym


I'd sign up for that shit in a second.


haha that stare he gave him after he said "i just wanna get toned up for summer" was hilarious


I love that video.


I have a company office just a couple miles from there.

I know where I'm going when I go in to that office now....


Great stuff! Cerealy!


Are there any Planet Fitness success stories? Any 300lbs people who are now in great shape?...or do they kick you out if you start to look better than everyone else?


Of course. Once you start getting in shape or actually attaining goals you might get judgemental.

In all seriousness, if any one joined and actually spent time at PF and got in shape, hopefully they'd have learned enough to want to move on.


That's mine and Greeny's gym.

It's a great place.


LOL! "They should sound an alarm when they do that"


Orlando Barbell made one that was pretty awesome as well.


Wow. Dale is one big hombre.

Those are pretty good. Not quite the budget of the Planet Fitness commercials, but I like the tagline "Because our equipment gets used."


Yes. Everyone at those gyms got so muscular and lean they needed to give out free pizza and bagels (to soften them back up) so new clientele wouldnt be scared away.


Glenolden is not in philly


I find it funny how you Americans consider something "close by" when it's "only a few miles" away. My gym is close and it's actually a five minute walk.


Those are some great ads. Never seen a stone lift station in a gym like in the first vid, cool stuff.


Look at the size difference between NZ and US, everything is relative.


5 minutes?!

That's a long ass walk!


great. I want a gym like that here in LA.