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Hardcore Gyms In The Dallas Area

Hey Guys,

Are there any fellow Texans out there that know of a Hardcore Gym in the Metroplex Area? My best bud just moved to Dallas and I’m not too far away so I’ll be visiting often and would love to find a T-man gym to workout at. I remember hearing of a place and I believe it’s where Holyfield trained(could be wrong, though) that was nothing but concrete and iron, now that’s my kind of gym. Any help is appreciated.



I don’t know if it is still there, but Dougs Gym in downtown is one of the original hard core gyms. When they needed to expand into the space next door, they simply took a sledge hammer and busted out enough bricks for you to walk through. If it’s gone, Ronnie Coleman has a gym in Arlington. If you have to go to a sheeple gym like 24 Hour Fitness (they bought all the World and Gold’s), be consoled by the fact that Dallas has some of the best looking women on the planet.

I wish one of those was on my way home from work. I work out at a YMCA which ain’t so bad, but it could stand to have more benches available. Thankfully they don’t do aerobics or anything there so most of the guys who lift are purely there to build muscle. It’s a nice compromise.

I’ve been in Ft. Worth for a couple years now - it’s a great place.