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'Hardcore' Gyms in Rochester NY?


Preferably downtown?

I currently lift at the Downtown Fitness Club, and while I like it there, it would be great to lift at a more strength-focused gym with like-minded people.

Anyone know of a place? I know the guys from gopainclinic.com were gonna open one, but I haven't heard anything about that for a while, and my last email to them got bounced back.


I live in Rochester, but I haven't been to any hardcore gyms. Not sure what you're looking for but I've heard this place http://www.star-physicaltherapy.com/ in Fairport has Bumper plates and platforms for the Olympic Lifts.

I have a friend who goes to World Gym on East Ave by the Wegmans and from what she says it sounds like a decent bodybuilding-type gym. I plan on visiting soon with her so I'll let you know how it goes. I really don't know if there are any decent powerlifting gyms here (I lift in my attic and train for O. Lifting.)

Whatever you do DO NOT go to the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC). Their "weight room" is a joke. You're not even allowed to Barbell Bent Over Rows or put a barbell on the ground what so ever! Plus if you visit they'll hit you with a high-pressure sales pitch, and even if you say no they will not stop calling you and leaving messages! It was worse than a visit to a used-car lot.


thanks for the response, I'm looking for a powerlifting gym, so i'll definitely avoid the RAC!


I lift at RIT, there's a couple guys on here that do as well. Its a good deal s far as gym's are concerned (free for me since I'm still in school), but alumni and friends get 3 months for $90 I think.


Rockwells Family Fitness Center is listed on powerlfitingwatch.com as a powerlifting gym in Rochester. I haven't been to it because I can train at the RIT gym as an alumni for super cheap and it has everything I need for the time being.


I to train at RIT, we have the best gym in rochester, I shit you not, I have worked in other gyms and have been to a few others. When I told a trainer I used to work with how much weight we had (our Db's go to 160) he said "thats the heaviest DB's in Rochester" of any gym hes been too, he was also a competative BB. The only 'hardcore gym' I have heard of is Sampson's (bad ass name) however I hear (from the same trainer above and another) that the guys there are real Jackasses and ego maniacs. The world gym on East Ave is the only other (than RIT) gym in Rochester that I have been to where you can actaully get a good session in and has all the necessary stuff (Racks etc) we need. Its pretty nice too.

If you are interested in trying RIT just let me or Pemdas know and we can get you in on a guest pass ($5) and if you like one of many of us could sponsor you for a memership. We also are member of the Weightlifting club so you might find yourself geetting roped into that too if you want. :slightly_smiling:

to AshyLarry, The majority of the RIT Weightlifitn club is fairly active here on T-Nation (around a dozen). I am not sure if you are a member who I didn't know was on or not. If not and you are interested PM me and I can get you on our e-mail list for events and meetings and what not.


Don't know about the best... Samson's in Greece is a hardcore bodybuilding gym with a good deal of powerlifters...


rAchistir institute of technAlaagy


Can we get Every Member or RIT weightlifting to post in this thread? HA!


I worked out at samsons in greece but it was small and congested. Worlds was the best for powerlifting but they got upset when I made noise. I work out at harro east but have the gym to myself. I am buying a powerrack and donating to them also will bring chains and box squat and bands to the gym as well. They are ok with it.

I squat 575 and deadlift 420 and bench 330


I lift for olympic lifting at Star PT in Fairport. I don't know any place in the Rochester area besides this one that allows bars to be dropped. But if you are looking for more of a powerlifting spot, and/or want heavy dumbbells, you may have to look elsewhere.

I have to agree that the RIT gym is pretty good, however, they did not allow me to perform Olympic lifts if I was not in the enclosed power rack (What?????), even though I was using the bumper plates.

The East ave World's was pretty good..they have multiple squat racks, room for deads, etc.


I did too. I just told you not to do it in front of my supervisor.

They've gotten a lot less strict about that too now.


Yeah that is true! But it is hard to stay focused when having to look out/wait for the supervisor to leave the area. Good to hear about them getting less strict though.


I used to lift at SUNY Brockport. They pretty much let you do anything you want. They just have a student working the door, so they don't care what you are doing. Also, the music is on K-rock or something similar all the time.

Plus the college girls are always doing cardio...


hahaha. Hey they used to have a couple of 45 lb bumpers. Do they have any other bumpers?


No, they are just the 45's, but you can add regular plates onto the bar with them. They are just slightly bigger than a normal 45.


Any PL'ers floating around Rochester these days?

Moving to Irondequoit in December and am looking for a group of lifters. I have equipment and would be interested in a garage gym if available. Please PM me if anyone has any info...

Thanks guys!


I lift at RIT as well.. they have almost everything you could want. As far as Olympic lifts go, from what I've seen.. if you aren't fucking up and doing something all sorts of wrong they won't bother you but if you're sucking ass they will give you some random lines to deter you without being completely rude about it.


How for are you away from Albany?


3-4 hours...