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Hardcore Gyms in Phila?

Hey, I just moved to phila, and I looked through the phone book, but couldn’t find any area gyms that weren’t softcore. I’ve got my own equipment in the basement, but I’m looking for somewhere to go to get help on the big lifts/technique. Even if there’s a t-man or two around that want to get together and lift once in a while, that’d be awesome.
I’m up around 25th and Grays Ferry.

Good Luck. I worked out at a Gold’s in Conshohocken that wasn’t bad. I even convinced them to get a power rack. You might have better luck right over the bridge in Jersey. I think there’s a place called Old City Iron Works, or something like that, near all the Old City bars

Heh. Well if you find one, let me know. I’m out in the suburbs (Lower Merion) and there are none here. You might want to PM Ericka. She mentioned that her boyfriend knew of some quality places to train. I think I PMd her, but she didn’t get back to me. I didn’t follow up on it because I’m only here till the end of the summer and after that just for visits. Also, while it would be nice to be around serious lifters (preferably Power Lifters-it’s something I’m looking to start doing) my LA Fitness has a squat rack, a couple power racks, and plenty of freeweights. The racks are most always empty. So, I’m able to do some quality training.

See what Ericka says, but if not maybe you can just find a gym in the city with quality equipment where you can do your workouts in peace.

I don’t know how close this is to you.

IronSport is a great gym…good equipment…lots of strong people lifting there.