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Hardcore Gyms in N.Y.C.

Could someone tell me what are the best hardcore gyms in N.Y.C especially in Manhattan. I currently workout at a fitness club and would like a change of atmosphere.

I haven’t seen one yet but maybe someone else knows. My guess would be in the bronx/upper-manhattan area, away from the corporate lifestyle

take the 190 into jersey, get off in rutherford at the trainstation, make a right go about 1/2 of a block and BOOM a good gym. I know its not in nyc but its a good gym. peace

Does the place in N.J. have a name?

We might have 8 million people in this city, but if you’re looking for a good, hardcore gym you’re pretty much shit outta’ luck. The closest thing you’ll find is Pumping Iron, which is on 91st between 1st and York. It’s pretty much a hardcore place, but most of the members there aren’t all that hardcore (if that makes any sense). But I’ve been living in the city for about 5 years now and have yet to find what I’m looking for. There used to be one on West 19th St. called Better Bodies, but it’s since changed names and ownership a couple times, and is (and even was for a little while before the name changes) predominantly a gay gym now, with a much different atmosphere. (It’s a shame, though, because it used to be probably THE hardcore gym in the country, or at least the Northeast - when I first set foot in it years ago I was like, “Ahhhhh! The Mecca!!!” But alas, it is no more).

oops, sory about that, I know the name sounds pathetic but it IS a real gym,get this the name is Strong and Shapely Gym, you may have read about it in musclemag, they mention it from time to time. it is a real gym so ignore the name. peace hetyey225

Do any of the branches of New York Sports Clubs or Crunch have a lot of first rate equipment and a good atmosphere for serious training?

if you want hardcore gyms you have to hit queens and brooklyn. My gym costs $200 a year. its located in flushing queens, called Pure Power. Really the hardcore gyms are the ones where there are a lot of juice heads, and most juice heads live in the nice areas of queens and brooklyn. Ultimitely i believe that it all depends on you. how smart you are and how hard you push yourself. no one else is going to do it for you. why even bother going to a hardcore gym if you are going to workout the same. establish your own rules at your local gym. i can’t afford the fitness clubs in my area and if i could i would just go to the nearest gym i could that fitted my needs. I don’t care who else is in there. laters pk

in manhattan they have the gyms owned by the parks and recreation dept…they cost $25 per year and are actually pretty decent…one is on varick st and clarkson…one on 23rd and ave a and another uptown somewhere…maybe not the most hc gym but $25 a year cant be beat