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Hardcore gyms in London

At the moment I’m training at a ‘fitness’ gym and was considering changing to somewhere more oriented to bodybuilding. Can any of the London readers recommend somewhere, preferably in East London/City/Zone 1-2?
Thanks for you help.

Try MuscleWorks in Bethnal Green, access on the Central Line. Not sure what zone, but should be suitable. Some big mo-fo’s there too. If you do not mind travelling a little further East…get down to Fort Galaxy in Ilford, some decent equipment. Full range of free weights and some really good Hammer and Cybex machines if you are into that kinda thing. The owner is preparing for the Heavyweight Mr. Universe, so there are always knowledgable people there to give you a hand and they are friendly enough. A clinic within the gym complex too where you can consult the Doctor, who used to work with Dorian, on diet and ergogenics…blood tests if needed. See you there? Best of luck.

How long would it take to get to these from the City? I have to go to London every two months or so on business (Bishopsgate) and wind up either at the Thistle Tower or the Langham Hilton on Regent St (yeah, it’s tough…seriously, I wish we had access to short-term apartments - not easy staying on the T-Dawg diet without a fridge.) I actually get reimbursed up to GBP 15/day for gym fees (supposedly for the hotel health club, but I can turn in a receipt from any gym), but I’m usually pressed for time. If they’re too far out, any suggestions closer to the City?