Hardcore Gyms in L.A.?

I moved to Los Angeles (North Hollywood, to be more specific) about a year ago and I’m having trouble finding a good gym. I’ve been lifting for years, but just transitioned over to Powerlifiting before I moved. Unfortunately, the only affordable gym I could find doesn’t have a Power Rack, the two benches are fucked, and plays top 40 music. Anyone know of any garage gyms, PL gyms, OL gyms, strongman, etc? I need to be lifting with folks better than me, dammit!

Also looking for training partners in this area. My old training partner is lazy and uncommittal and stopped working out a while back.

Thanks in advance.



2516 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles

add .com behind the name and you’ll get their site with all the info, even some pictures of the gym and a mapquest link.

If you are in North Hollywood this should not be too far from you.

Gold’s gym also has a place in DTLA which might, depending on the time you are going also not be a bad idea.

Good luck,


the LA lifting club should be in the area. It caters to powerlifters.