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Hardcore Gym Moment


there may be a thread like this but i'm lazy and didn't want to check. today i was doing front squats and worked from doing walkout front squats to monolift reverse band front squats for reps of 10 then 8. decided to put on my squat suit for some heavier rep work.

well on my first suited front squat i unracked the weight, went down, started to come up, then noticed my arms were going kinda numb and the radio started to get louder, my vision started to go and i completely thought i was gonna lose the weight and just faint, but i leaned forward and racked the weight, then my whole body started to shake uncontrollably, i could barely see, couldn't really feel my limbs, couldn't hear and was standing mainly because i was leaning against the safety bars and support of the monolift.

it soon went away and i was back to normal but confused about what happened, well i felt fine now and the weight felt really easy so i added 40 more pounds and asked for side spotters in case anything bad would happen again and went back at it, this time with no problem, so i chalked it up to having the bar to far back against my throat and cutting off my airway and not a stroke lol after that i added another 50 pounds, hit that for a double and glad i pushed through and didn't stop front squatting because that was my best front squat day i've had.

i think that is the best hardcore gym moment i've had thus far. was curious as to any other hardcore moments that people are proud to have done?




Caps lock and / or shift key broken?



One time I did nothing but lunges for about an hour and could barely walk for a week. That was fun.


...and I walked into the gym.

There it was, staring at me; my arch-nemesis.

Full of rage and indignation I chalked up and gave the sucker the eye of the tiger. I was gleaming the cube. I was in the danger zone.

I had to get my timing down. It had to be just right. Everyone was looking, yet no one was there. And I jumped in. I double-dutched jump roped my little 6th grade girl heart out.

(I'll add something serious a little later with the keywords: squat. dead-lift. blood. tears. earth. wind. fire. shining star. sweat-drenched floor.)


thunderous appause!!!

Anyway. So yeah. The other day I was 1 rep deads and I forgot to breath for a second there. Every time I put the bar down I had to fight to stand up and I felt like I was wearing sunglasses because the gym kept dimming. My legs also stopped working that session and I had to drop the bar down to my 12 rep max weight inorder to even pick it up high enough to set it on the bar where it belonged.


Epic. It would've been more epic-y if you had included that you were listening to Milli Vanilli/Wham mash-up


double-dutch ain't no joke, bitch.


those were the bitches who tripped me up ... they used the old reflecting light with a hand held mirror routine ... so I chopped up their parents, put them in chili, and fed it to them.


now that is harcore

edit: yes, I am so "harcore" the D is implied.


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I know what you're talking about push ... not sure what they're called either ... I get them when grinding out a heavy set too.


I once pissed myself while deadlifting. Thankfully, it was only a little because I had gone to the bathroom just before that.

I also once passed out during circuit training and one of the trainers gave me this bright pink cookies and cream protein bar because he thought I wasn't eating enough. (He was wrong, but I was in no position to argue.) Then I barfed bright pink all over the parking lot and side of my car while my husband was trying to get me home.

Yeah...that was "fun"...


hahahaha they made fun of those things on family guy the other day. It was hilarious.


Jeebus, dude, it's from being harcore with an implied 'D'.

Aren't you following the thread?


Yeah those are the fairies

They come to steal your teeth when your most vulnerable, with a weight in your hands you cant defend yourself.

As soon as you put the weight down, while your face is still all red from the strain and your hamstrings are so tight they partially lock up...duck jump in the air and try to swat the little bitches.

If you yell and scream "Fuck you Fairy BITCHES YOU'LL NEVER GET MY TEETH !!!" its dramatically more effective.


i went into the gym at 5:30 on a monday once, some poor son of a bitch was in my squat rack

i told him "5 minutes" and if he was there when i came back i was gonna take his gym bag and throw it across the room.





Captain kirk!!
fucking love that guy "if your not out of my squat rack in 5 mins you'll see a 45 flying at your fucking head"


wtf are you doing with my avatar bro-diddly?

anyways whenever i do back squat or deadlift heavy singles, my right eye goes completely bloodshot and my cheeks bruise up red under the eyes