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Hardcore Gym in San Diego


Just moved down to East county San Diego which meant I had to sell my home gym set up which means I have to join a gym. I tried Chuze, which not surprisingly, sucked. Bunch of chicken legged pretty boys curling in front of the mirror and machines galore. I was reading up on the gyms around here was looking into World Gym. Anyone here from SD? Was also looking into Stern's Gym anyone ever been? Or workout there? Just looking for a no nonsense powerlifting gym.


Never been to Stern’s. I’d try World Gym in Pacific Beach (right off 5). It will be a bit of a drive from East County, but you won’t find a better place in San Diego County. The other option would be a warehouse gym in El Cajon, but I’ve never trained there.


Gladiator strength and conditioning off of mission gorge. They have pretty much everything you need for powerlifting and strongman. Only lacking in the dumbell department. They only go up to 120’s. I have some of my own equipment there too. Texas Strength systems combo rack, Texas Power Bar, and plates. Awesome deadlift platform too.


SoCal Barbell, it’s a small gym with only about 12 members but it’s the definition of “no-nonsense powerlifting”.

Here’s the website


Whatever you do avoid the ARC at SDSU… No platforms or weights that around rounded for deadlifting. All the weights are octagonal. Pretty annoying for deadlifting. But the membership is cheap I’ve heard for non students and it’s generally empty in the mornings and nights.


[quote]SquatDeep385 wrote:
SoCal Barbell, it’s a small gym with only about 12 members but it’s the definition of “no-nonsense powerlifting”.

Here’s the website

That’s the one I was thinking of. Didn’t realize they had a website.


Urban Body Gym and Juice Bar in North Park. Not a member myself but know the owner and many members. I do their annual strongman meet each year and its awesome! They are hybrid powerlifting strongman gym foremost with a decent dose of bodybuilders as well. General gym goers to of course but you always see some of the competitive type lifters there at all hours. Owner is the real deal old school been their done that kinda guy to.


I train at World’s. It’s a good gym at a decent price ($300 a year). It’s got most things you need and there are a few of us powerlifters there when I train at night.

There’s no AC so summer sessions suck and it’s pretty crowded from 5 - 7 and it’s mostly bodybuilders but after 7 it quiets down.



If you get a chance, check out the Garrison’s House of Power up in Westminster. Will be a bit of a drive for you but it would be the place to go if you ever wanted to get some strongman training in!

When I was in SD last year I trained mostly at 24hr Fitness, just your typical globo-gym, but at least they all had squat racks and no one bothered me.