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Hardcore Gym in Northern Virginia (NOVA)?


Hi Everyone,

I just moved from NY (Bev's was one of my home gyms) and I'm working in Herndon VA and living in DC. I'm looking for a good gym in the area, especially one on the way home from work. This has been posted before several times but all the threads are at least 5 years old and the best gym recommendations are all sadly out of business.

I joined Gold's but the Golds in Herndon (Clocktower) is insanely crowded at 5pm to the point where it's unusable. They also took out half the free weights and put in this space consuming turf floor for "Athletic Training" making the place even more packed at that time.

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good hardcore/bodybuilding/powerlifting friendly gyms near by.

I tried a few other Gold's gyms in the immediate vicinity and they're pretty small and also get really packed after 5pm. Maybe there are a few gems I just dont know about!

Thanks for your help in advance!


5 rings fitness in Falls Church VA. Maybe 2 miles off of I-66. It’s advertised as a cross-fit gym but that might be 10% of their business. Tons of bumper plates, specialty bars, bands, chains, mono, and comp bench.


Take a look at Aggressive Strength & Conditioning, i think its in your area