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Hardcore Female Athletes

Once again, thank you Coach Davies! The amount of time and information you provide here (for free!) is truly remarkable. I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated.

In an earlier post you mentioned starting a thread for Hardcore Female Athletes. I have to say, I have been seeing the most fantastic results in my training thanks to your feedback, suggestions and training guidelines. What a motivator (both you and the progress I am making!). I am sure there are other women out there who are experiencing the same thing, and are hungry for more. I have read several times throughout T-Mag that training for men and women is basically the same, and while that is probably true, I sure would love any real-world thoughts, experiences, stories, etc. from other women. We may be basically the same as men physiologically speaking, except for the balance of estrogen vs. testosterone, but thankfully that seems to make all the difference in the world! ;-)

So to all my fellow female lovers of the iron sport, let's start our own thread to talk about our workouts (whether GPP or any of the other protocols that we love). And maybe Coach Davies will be willing to peek in and share his vast wealth of knowledge with us hardore females!

peek in ?- you won’t be able to keep me off. They’re are numerous stories I can relay to you - but simply I have never had a female give up on me. Thats an astonishing statement when you consider my coaching history. Maybe its because female athletes have something to prove - that is up to debate. Well, I will humbly await your questions, In faith, Coach Daves

Hey, this is a great post. Why aren’t any of the women responding? Are they all afraid to try this stuff? C’mon! I want to hear some Renegade ladies out there. That way, I can learn some good stuff in case I end up having a female training partner who wants to try the workouts I’ve been doing! So what’s up Reege? Don’t you have some questions for the Coach?

Im in the house cause Im a female lover. Seriously though, where is all the wisdom on vixen workouts on this site cause Im sure there must be differences in the lifting goals of most men and women. Id definitely be interested in Kelly’s super vixen lower body workout. I suspect this is the old “women not really making alliances and getting behind each other anywhere near as well as men” thing that makes men more successful than women in so many things and must be caused by near absence of T :stuck_out_tongue: (Lets see the forum babes leave that one alone) Howyalikemenow - DRE


grin I haven’t responded because I’m honestly not sure what to share. I read through all the renegade stuff, and I’d love to do it, but honestly don’t have the time or resources right now. Yeah, it sounds like a copout, but I doubt my gym wants me throwing medicine balls in the parking lot. I’m going to add the 8 minute warm up to my workout though. Currently my training is pretty basic, I’m still following the same program set up for me months ago by my ex, it’s just not all that exciting or special…basic lifts, 6 - 10 reps for 3 sets. kinda boring but it works for now. Rugby season has started so I have double workouts 3 days a week, and that’s enough for me.