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Hardcore Bodyweight Bar Training


Hey, guys, here's a video I want to share with you. I wanted to present some ideas for people who are more advanced in physical training. Hope you enjoy it! We are working on some tutorials and videos in other aspects. Haven't seen most of what I wanna teach people on youtube so i was like why not.

I hope I am in the right section if I've mistaken it can a moderator fix this for me. Thanks and cheers!


yep gymnasts are strong MF's . i do dragon flags and that is F'n hard .
look at the bodys of all gymnasts there all pretty cut n do F all cardio.


Hmm first post advertising a video... Ya this guy should be banned.


^Nah, man, you are getting this wrong. Let me put it straight, you say I am advertising but think about it for a second. Am I making any profit out of this, am I selling anything? I am just spreading the word here with this video so people know I am working on tutorials that aren't online yet. I am just trying to help, something I can do if I stick around on the forum and comment but I decided I want to put it in a video format.


But eventually you will be selling something ---ADMIT IT!


Whether he's selling something or not that slow-mo Muscle up was ridiculously impressive.


I personally think gymnastics is going to be the next big fitness fad. Infomercials will come out showing muscular gymnasts with the copy, "These incredible athletes are more toned than many bodybuilders, yet they never lift any weights! Get a gymnasts body from your own home in just 30 minutes a day!" We'll see rings and parallettes in commercial chain gyms in the next few years.