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Hardcore Allentown PA Gym?

I just moved to the lehigh Valley… I cannot find a decent gym… other then the Golds, LA, etc. of course there are 90 crossfits in the area. But I want a GYM!

Southside Iron is now in Boyertown, and Ironsport is too far… I have 4 kids and a busy job, so I just cant make the hour drive those 2 would require… any suggestions? I did a week at the new Golds in Allentown and was told twice that I was tying up too much area while trying to superset… help

do you need help with wishing for one? if there arent any good gyms in the area then you are as unlucky as most of the people on tnation.
i would stay at your current gym and avoid supersetting unless you are on friendly terms with the people around and they dont mind working in with you. a simple “hey, how you doing?” will put you on casual terms with you.