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Hardcore 24 hour gym in New York City

I currently workout in a nice, dirty, hardcore gym. We have a couple of huge, juiced-up guys there, and the owners don’t care how much noise you make, if you use chalk, if you deadlift. It’s great. The only problem is the gym closes at midnight. One of my workout partners works until midnight though, so this really is a problem. What I need is a gym, like mine, only open 24 hours. All the 24 hours places I know of are health clubs with aerobics classes, shiny new machines, and a bunch of other useless crap. Not only are these gyms build for people of the low-testosterone variety, they try to charge 350 or more a year. I need a Power rack, a flat bench, and incline bench, and a ton of weight. I pay 150 per year at my current gym in Brooklyn, but I’d be willing to pay more if I could find a real gym thats open 24 hours. Anywhere in NYC is fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody.

There is a gym on the east side near Beth Israel that is a 24 hr hardcore type gym. I forget the name though, the other is up on the eastside in the 90s, Iron something, both good - like the 5th Avenue Gym in Park Slope, Bklyn.

any other suggestions?

There was one I checked out when I worked in the city. It was up on 58-9th and broadway. But I think it was expensive.

This isn’t an answer and I am sorry but I was considering opening a hardcore gym near Hamilton, Ont. Canada, but my research led me to believe that the market was too small to be profitable. The money was with the family oriented gyms(which is why I train at home)because, to be point blank, the lawyer and the banker have the most expendable income, not the juicer or us hardcore freaks. So to get to the point, I was wondering if the gym you go to is busy? Maybe my research was wrong, and I hope it is, cause the only thing lacking in my workouts is a bunch of hardcore brothers to talk to and grunt with.

theres a gym on bath avenue that is real ghetto and its dirt cheap also, it used to be open 24hours but i dont know if it is any more, also the dolphin on 4th ave is open real late i used to go there i think its 24hours.

Roadblock!!! Get out of hamilton while you still can. Whatever you do don’t stsrt any sort of business in hamilton or you will loose all your money and your hair. Hamilton is one of the shittiest cities in Canada
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Not sure if they’re open 24 hours, but the one in the 90’s that someone was alluding to is called Pumping Iron, and it’s on 91st between 1st and York. I went there for a few years, before moving to Brooklyn Heights. It’s a pretty good, hardcore place – not SUPER hardcore in terms of the members, but the atmosphere is right (not to clean and prissy), the equipment is right (no frills), they’ve got black and white pictures of Arnold on the walls, and it aint’ too expensive (although I’m SURE it’s more than $150/year). I saw Jim Quinn there a few times. Now if anyone can recommend a good, hardcore place in Brooklyn Heights, since the Gold’s that I go to there pretty much sucks, I would be much obliged. (But, of course, no such gym exists here. Sigh).

Okay, how about your own equipment. The requirements you listed could be found pretty cheap through E-bay or classifieds. Even if you live in an apartment, you could rent a garage stall and keep the stuff there. Just thinking out loud here.

Johnny Lats: 7 East 17th street 2nd Floor (Union Square) 212-366-4426

Exodus: 510 Metropolitan (Williamsburg, Bklyn) 718-599-1073

Johnny Lats is pretty big, dirty, and pretty hardcore. Mostly bodybuilders, no powerlifters. If you are going after midnight, you will miss the rush (which is a bitch to train in), but there are still people there training at all hours.

Exodus is not nearly as hardcore, I don’t think anyone uses chalk and there’s nobody there on gear unless they train first thing in the morning when I’m not there. All of the equipment is new because it’s only been open for a year. I asked the owner why the heavy dumbbells were on one side and the light dumbells on the other… he told me “so the ladies don’t get intimidated”. But if you go after midnight, you’ll have the entire place to yourself more or less. This is where I train because it’s a block from my house.

I’m going to guess you’ll like Johnny Lats better, if you like to bang a lot of weight around. Exodus might be too nice for you. Johnny Lats definitely has more weight, more equipment, more energy, more space, more bodybuilders, more members period, more testosterone, it’s a lot dirtier, and it’s cheaper… about 199 bucks, last time I heard. Exodus is about twice that much.

You might want to walk through both places though.

There is supposedly a 24 hour gym somewhere in Lower Manhattan, maybe in the Wall street area…?

I agree w/ Lumpy there if you live in the city or around the surronding area Johnny Lats is the place to go… Or how about checking out Bev Franics Gold’s Gym out.

hamilton? one of the shittiest cities in canada? try one of the shittiest cities in the world. driving through hamilton makes me feel better about living in buffalo.

Now if you live here in NJ. If you want to truely train hardcore you have to go to Dimanod Gym run by John Kemper. Loctated in Maplewood, NJ. Eventhough, its far from me I go there once a month just to be train the “Big Boys”. A great change in atmosphere.