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Hardbody Training for Woman, Slam Ball Size?

My wife (total beginner) has started Your program and I had a question about ball weight. I was thinking 10 pounds, is that ok?

Her 1rm (not true, but close, hard to get her to push too hard lol) are: 135 squat and 105 push press.

  1. It’s not a total beginner program… it is in fact pretty advanced

  2. If she can squat and push press 135 and 105 as a total beginner she has amazing potential (or she is not a total beginner)

  3. The size of the slam ball is irrelevant because the goal is downward acceleration, not loading on hte way up.

Total beginner lol. We took a week to farmilairize (no idea how to spell that and spell check not working…) her with some of the movements like squat and hang clean. A week ago was her first time touching a barbell or doing anything besides elliptical or spin bike.

She surprised me for sure. It was kinda hard to get her to push her self, I think she has a touch more. She has a strong bench too!

I realize yours isn’t for noobs but I just couldn’t find anything for woman out there that was legit and not a cardio bunny glute focused workout.

Well, just be sure to stay on the conservative side, especially since her strength is high. Her muscles might be able to lift the weight but since her technique is not automatic yet it could increase the risk of injuries.

I 100% agree. I know you prefer people not to alter your program but we have taken the weight percentages down a bit to keep safety and form on track.