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Hardback Books?


Hey Jim,

I have been a big fan with little money, but that has changed and I am looking to purchase your books. Do you sell hardback copies? I looked on Amazon, but could not find them. If not I will get the paperback.




We do not - the cost would be insane. Remember that we are a very, very, very small business and even when we do a run of 2,000 books (for example) it is VERY small compared to most books. To do a hardcover would increase the price where we'd never sell them all, no matter how long I lived.

Thanks - Jim


If you take the paper back to a book binder they'll put a hardcover on it for you. Depending on the technology they use, they may or may not be able to get the same cover on it.

It won't be cheap though.


I did a book for my mom, obviously not 531, and had it made into a hard copy book. It was something like $60-70. Of course a lot has to do with pages, pictures and paper. And I only ordered one. But it's certainly not cheap.