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Hard Work Pays Off


hopefully :slightly_smiling:

I am 21, 6'1'', 200 pounds and just want to be lean and especially strong and explosive

best power lifts in the only comp i did: weights converted from kilos

squat 450 lbs
bench paused 265 lbs
deadlift 540 lbs

i usually train everyday, maxing out a lot

one gym lift i am proud of is my front squat, while my upper body pushing is really weak

here is 396 lbs front squat

let the log begin :slightly_smiling:



Back Squat 408 x1, 352 x3 x2 sets

RDL touch and go 350 x5

deficit DL 350 x5

close grip bp 231 x3 w/ pause, some speed work afterwards

incline bp paused work 5x2 at 198 lbs

over the whole workout i did staggered(or how do you say it?) pullups(overhand)
3 reps bw + 77, 6x5 reps bw + 48 lbs

lately i sometimes include additional work for chest and biceps, today i did two pump sets for chest

i also do power olympic lifts variation, but the weights are low,
today power snatch 132 x3(first from floor then from high hang), power clean 198 x3(the same)


quick one today

power clean 210 x2

back squat

375 x2, 352 x4, 330 x6

some push pressing, jerking behind the neck, 220 x1 and overhead squat 198 x2

feeling good


power clean 187 x5
power snatch 143 x2

bw pullups
bench paused 220 x5, 209 x5 x2 sets, speed work

some easy squatting


power clean 198 x3

front squat 352 x3, 330 x5

rdl touch and go 352 x5

back squat 407 x fail, 370 x3

bw pullups, paused flat back incline bp 198 x3



pc 216 x2
ps 143 x3

back squat 407 x1, 363 x4, 330 x7

some jerks and overhead squat 220 x1

today longer

pc 210 x3

deficit dl 436 x3

ps 132 x5

back squat 352 x3 x3 sets

rack pull mid shin 485 x3, 440 x5

over the whole session did weighted pullups, +105 x1, +82 x2 x a lot of sets



front squat 400 x1
pc 220 x2
bench paused 242 x2, some volume + speed work (231 x3 x2 sets, 220 x6 touch and go, 190 paused x3 x4 sets)
pendlay row 176 x8 x4 sets

decline bp 249 x5 touch and go, 227 x5 paused
back squat w/ very tight knee wraps 451 x3
ps 154 x2
incline biceps curls 40 x8 RL

i played with wider stance, low bar squats, just feels really uncomfortbale, dont know if i will continue to experiment

also trying some hang full snatches and cleans

overall good day


hang full snatch 154 x2
close grip bp 220 x5, 198 x8 x2 sets
back squat 414 x1, 363 x5, 330 x8
hang full clean 209 x2
legs up incline bp w/ pause 187 x5, touch and go 176 x8 x2 sets
sldl touch and go 363 x5
over the whole session did weighted pullups: +88 x2, +55 x4 x a lot of sets

feeling good and motivated

morning weight 203


Fucking badass squatting bro. Keep that shit up!


[quote]claybear wrote:
Fucking badass squatting bro. Keep that shit up![/quote]


front squat 407 x1, 374 x2, 352 x4
snatch from hang 176 x1
overhead squat 231 x1
behind the neck jerking

back squat 418 x1, 385 x3, 352 x6
pc +jerk 231 x1 x2 sets
clean from hang 242 xfail, 209 x2 x3 sets
front push pressing(jerking) 198 x3, 176 x6


snatch from hang 154 x2
bench 225 x5 all paused, supramaximal work in upper range of motion
back squat 425 x1, 396 x2 x3 sets
clean from hang 220 x2
deficit dl 440 x3, hard set

bunch of bw pullups over many sets


right shoulder started to hurt :frowning:
thursday and friday 2 lighter sessions
nothing important, 242 power clean, squats, pullups
tomorrow hoping to be well rested and ready to kill it


decline bench press 253 x5, 231 x5 paused

front squat 411 x1, one of the ugliest front squats i have ever done, 374 x2 x2 sets, 352 x3 - wanted 4 but didnt even try it

clean from hang 242 x didnt have the guts to throw me under it, 220 x2 x2 sets

incline bench press w/ pause 198 x3, 180 x5 x2 sets

pendlay row 220 x5 loose form, 176 x10 stricter with controlled negative

shoulder is painful but training through the pain, dont know if this is good

planning a quick evening session after soccer game with friends


yesterday i was on the court for 4 hours, so i didnt go train in the evening

this morning

front squat 396 x1, 363 x3, 341 x5, all ugly

snatch from hang 176 x1 x2 sets

clean - trying the full version, 253 x fail, fail, fail, dont know how to catch it, bar height is high enough
220 x3

pullups, bw +66 x5, +44 x6 x2 sets


deficit dl 451 x2 third didnt even budge
skullcrushers ez bar +77 x5, +66 x5 paused
bb curl 106 x5 back leaning on the wall
back squat 430 xfail, 396 x2
with wraps: 374 x5


back squat 430 x1, 396 x3, 374 x5
hang snatch 176 x1, 180 x fail
played soccer for 2+ hours, ate, went in again:

back squat just some volume 352 x5, 341 x5, 330 x5
hang snatch 165 x2 x3 sets
behind the neck push jerk, 231 x1, 198 x4, 176 x7
some face pulls, shoulder feeling a bit better


front squat 396 x1, 378 x2(PR double), 374 x2
clean 253 x1 x2 sets PR
push jerks 220 x1, 202 x2, shoulders tired
neutral grip pullups

some deadlifting tonight


dl 440 x1, will increase each week for 11 lbs, hoping to reach 550

deficit sldl 308 x3, 286 x5

glute bridge 352 x5 x2 sets

back squat 352 x6, 330 x6


doing manual labor 8 hours a day which is quite taxing, still trying to train a lot, but the strength is suffering a bit

monday starting front squat smolov, max will be decided tomorrow

here is my deadlift and bench plan, just to keep me organized

day one:
-dl from floor
-deficit rdl
-glute bridge

day two:
-mid shin rack pull(not sure about this one)
-deficit dl
-paused and speed deadlifts

day one:
-decline bench press
-incline bp

day two:
-paused+touch and go bp
-speed bench alternating hand placement(grip width)
-incline bp

maybe some more hypertrophy work for chest and triceps


front squat worked up to pretty easy 374 paused
back squat 418 x1, 396 x2 x2 sets, 385 x3
decline bp - 258 x4, 236 x4 paused, wanted 5 on both sets but weaksauce
snatch 165 x2, 154 x3 x2 sets
incline paused weaksauce again