Hard Training and Acne

Every year this happens–I intensify my training and diet (usually for bodybuilding contests), and I get a slight outbreak of acne on my shoulders. The funny thing is I am not prone to acne, and when the contest or event is over, the acne vanishes. What’s also strange is that my training, diet, and cardio doesn’t dramatically change…it more of a mental change if anything. I’ve also observed this with my clients when they start pushing their bodies harder. My only guess is that its a reaction to stress. Anyone have any ideas?

Wear a tank top, so your pours can beathe, and shower directly after.

I had the same problem. Also brought on by andros breaking down to DHT. Just started taking Propolis. Acne disappeared immediately. Propolis is in the waxy stuff that bees make and it has natural antibacterial properties. Wish someone had told me 25 years ago to start taking it. Try any GNC type place.

I’d say you are prone to breaking down test into DHT while under stressful conditions. Same things happens to me. Mental stress alone can cause acne.