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Hard-to-Train Situation

if your female ignore me. The mass majority here is male.

Yes, I am female. I am taking all advice with a grain of salt. I put on muscle VERY easily and almost tend to look too muscular for my taste…not interested in being a fitness model. But thank you Stuward, I’ll keep that in mind. Maintenance is what I’m looking for with a bit of building muscle. I simply will not have time to go to the gym.

I did this last summer. Before I went I was 137 (my buffer weight) and sway from that to 142 or so. Well, I came home and was a whopping 150. You can see how I was largely disapointed. Then, fun winter weight came, including my negligence to my diet by any means (job change, and lots of stress) I became 155.

I am now back down to 150…so now, going back to the job where I gain this original 10 lbs, you can understand my reservations about it.

So now, I’m back on the “boat” if you will, to cleaning up my diet and training as I described originally. I’ve been doing it for a month now, so leaving in a week for Colorado it’s like “no! I was just getting started!”

Wish me luck, but, on my days off I"ll pay this site a visit and keep those that give a damn (minimal amount I’m sure) my updates.

Plus, I’ll have to lay off the beer. Damn.

Your weight is irrelevant. It’s your fat you want to reduce. Don’t get fixated on a number.

You can strength train without going to the gym. Bodyweight exercises work fine and you can adjust the resistance by finding more difficult ways of doing them or adding external weight. Single leg squats, push ups with feet elevated and chin ups will keep you in shape. Once in a while, pay a $5 drop in charge and go to a gym. Work out whatever you’ve been lacking in.

There’s nothing wrong with the odd beer. Just remember that the first one relieves stress, the second one increases it.

Keep the cardio, lunges, etc. It’s all good.

If you want some good reading pick up “The New Rules of Lifting for Women”. It has some diet information and many exercises you can do without a lot of equipment. It has a neat little body weight matrix that includes Squat, Lunge, Lunge jump and squat jump. I know the lunge jumps would kill my knees (arthritis) but it looks like a great way to lose fat and maintain strength. 1 caveat, I’ve heard people say their calorie calculations are a little high. If you really want to follow the advise in the book, you need to weigh your food and reduce calories by about 200.