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Hard Time Finding Balance with Estradiol

I am having a hard time over the last few months finding balance with estradiol. Lots of back and forth swings with little consistency. I’ve just started to get serious about testing and dialing in proper arimidex dosage and need some help.

My dose:
50mg Test SubQ EOD for 175mg / week Test
210iu HCG EOD for 735iu HCG / week

This typically puts me at 1200 total test
I am lean, 6’4, 185, 13% bf

I have been struggling to get my e2 in balance. I don’t get sore nipples, joint issues, etc. Libido and erection are really my only indicators. In the past I just take arimidex when I feel bad, with little lab work to support.

Several weeks ago I lost libido.
I started Arimidex .25mg twice / week
After second week I felt amazing.
I continued same dosage on to third week.

I started to lose libido again at the end of third week, I wasn’t sure if I was too high and not taking enough arimidex --up my dose – or had pushed myself too low and needed to lay off arimidex.

I ordered blood work and stopped arimidex. Did my blood draw. After 3-4 days I felt a little better and so I felt maybe I would need a smaller arimidex dose once I got my labs back…

It’s been a week off and today I got my labcorp sensitive estradiol results(code 140244). Result was 48.4… high.

I don’t understand how I’ve felt better not worse.

My idea now is to pull blood again tomorrow(to get another marker of what it is at a week off arimidex) and start .5 arimidex 2/week tomorrow.

Is this a waste of a test? Should I just run .5 arimidex spaced 3 days apart and then retest end next week?

My total test came back > 1500 free test 46.5

I am going to back my HCG down and possibly my test to sit right around 1000.

your T dose is a bit high for TRT, should be right around 100mg/wk which would put you at more reasonable mid-high range T levels while reducing E2 conversion. We are all different but I was in the same boat a few months ago trying to adjust E2 on the fly, doesn’t work well. Eventually reduced dose from 125mg T cyp/wk to 100 and find E2 much more manageable, also relying on blood work was able to dial in nicely. Find that a lot of it was in my head too from worrying about the issues

Please clarify what you were on for the lab work, your post is confusing.

It is quite uncommon for that dose of hCG to drive high E2 levels. Issue is most likely FT=46.5

If you change your T dose, anastrozole need changes too.

When you take a dose of anastrozole, it takes a week for blood levels of the drug to reach a final level. You cannot make fast changes. Labs should be done after 3 weeks of a constant dose, but after one week, you should have evidence for dose correction etc.

When you change E2 levels, your brain and body have their own timetable if reactions that adds another time delay.

When you do labs based on a steady anastrozole dose, we can calculate dose changes.

E2=48.4 suggests something abnormal, either very high T–>E2 aromatization, or poor liver clearance of E2 or both.

Please post all lab work with ranges, not just these hormones.

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