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Hard Textured Ball to Massage SI Joint

I use the tennis ball method of massaging the SI joint area. For example, go to http://kelziebeebe.blogspot.ca/2011/06/self-massage-with-balls.html and search for the phrase “Butt and Back of the Thigh” without quotes. I find that the tennis ball gets soft very quickly, and I don’t like the variation of hardness as the tennis ball ages and gets replaced. Is there a hard-ball version of the tennis ball for physiotherapy purposes? It should be textured on the surface so that it doesn’t slip as one rolls around on it. The closest I found was a hard BASEBALL, but only texturing is the threaded seams.

From surfing the web, I ran across the idea of a lacrosse ball ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lacrosse_ball ) but it might be a bit small (or my cheeks are too pudgy).


lacrosse balls work great. I nicknamed mine the “painball”

[quote]StevenF wrote:
lacrosse balls work great. I nicknamed mine the “painball”[/quote]

you ever do the soles of your feet? Feels amazing after but horrible at the time

ya lacrosse ball, get the old lady to bust out the knotts. I second the painball

Thanks! Am currently hunting down a shop that carries them. Probably Sports Experts, Sport Check, or some-such in my neck of the woods.

softball works well for me

softball not a bad idea. thanks.

Yoga ball

This thing is pricey, but I love it. Pretty much exactly what you are looking for.

Just wanted to thank respondents. I’m finding the lacrosse ball works just fine, but good to know there are all these references to alternatives for the future.

The lacrosse ball works great for the muscle beneath the SI joint, but higher up where it’s predominantly bone, I have to resort to the tennis ball.