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Hard Steady State vs. HIIT

Has anyone had greater success using frequent high intensity steady state aerobics for fat loss vs. 2-3 days per week hiit? I’m confused about the Tom Venuto recommendation of more frequent, hard steady state vs. hiit. Any help is appreciated

most people can’t stomach the intensity of HIIT. Steady state will work. Steady state has gotten a bad rap because some were using it exclusively for fat loss. throw them both into your bag of tricks.
PS…when you add up the actual amount of calories that training burns versus passing on a second helping of instant mashed potatoes the choice becomes pretty clear. balance Daniel-sahn, balance. If energy in is greater than energy spent than it is going to be very difficult to reduce fat. Initially, no. ongoing, yes.

I use both. I have trouble losin the gut, so I do 2-3 HIITs a week and 2-3 steady sessions a week. Take a day or two of complete rest. I do HIIT on easier days like arms and delts. steady on leg day when I dont have as much energy left

Its like comparing one set to failure on weights, with mutliple sets.

The lower intensity or rest periods allow you to work harder during the higher intensity periods. Sure the total calorie expenditure may be very similar, but the adaptations from HIIT will be much greater if done correctly.


HIIT is great but very tough to recover from. A hard run or even long walks have a place for fat loss depending on your lifting schedule.