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Hard Slog Log

Going to get with the strength and try to post to keep myself accountable.

Bodyweight: 70kg

Squat: 3,3,3+ top set 7 reps at 90kg, cut short because the builder arrived, but probably only had 1 or 2 more left. Back off set: 20 reps @ 70kg.
Deadlift: 10x10@70kg with 1min between sets.
50 sit ups, nothing else as the kids wanted to go out!

Bench 3,3,3+ 8 reps at 77.5. Down set 20 RP at 70.
10x 10 overhead press/10 pull ups, 1min between supersets. OHP from the ground with 40kg. Had to push press the last 2-3 in the later sets. Got all the pull ups!
3 rounds lateral raises/upright row/band pull aparts.
No conditioning again- dropping this many days with this GVT based program- 10 sets with 1min between sets feels like conditioning enough!