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Hard Rock Rehab


Going to Vegas 19th - 22 and will be there for Sunday's Rehab.

Anyone gone? Ideas? Experiences? Prices? Tips?


I've watched the show, looks like a good time.


It's insane, check the weather before you go. Its normally hotter by now and its raining here in Cali as I write this. The lines will be long as hell, and it will be packed. Plan a day of rehab from Rehab, as the alcohol and debauchery that accompanies it will require it.


If I go it will be with a VIP pass to avoid the lines. I heard the cover was $30 but I am not sure what the pass costs... I need rehab after being in vegas...period. Que the reserve liver and kidneys!


Remember to take pics, video, and any other form of credible documentation.


Not going to be there til the 27th. Doubt I'll hit Rehab, as I will still be involved in the tourn at that time. If I get busted out early, I'm sure I'll head over there. If there's one thing that cheers me up after losing money at poker, it's taking my shirt off in front of girls who get paid to act like they're interested.

This plan is flawless.


You'll be alright dude trust me.


Hope you've got your hookup already lined up. Cause apparently these days, just staying at the Hard Rock Hotel is no longer enough to get your Rehab wristbands. (you are staying there, right?)

Now I havent been yet this season but I have heard talk of $50 cover for dudes this year and while it's a great party and all, the pool party at the Palms and Wet Republic at the MGM have caught up. So you do have legit options.

Also run a search here. I feel like we've had some good threads about it previously.


You can't really lose in any situation. Rehab is very good, so is the pool at Mandalay. This just made me realize how much I miss Vegas.