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Hard Lump Under Nipple


i started bodybuilding around mid august this year
and gained 10 lbs of muscle. my diet would be considered
pretty natural.

Optimum nutrition 100% gold standard whey protein power

approximately 3k

that is pretty much all i ate and NOTHING else

around mid september the gain leveled off and i noticed a hard lump under my right nipple and today its around grape size.
and its pretty bogus that this is happening and i pretty did it on the safe side. theres nothing on the left side.
the milk or protein are the only thing i suspect could be the cause of it

1) Do these products have secret hormones that the consumer does not know about?
2) How to do i stop this from growing?


go to the doctor. I highly doubt you have developed gyno. It could be an abcess. seriously go to the doctor.


Don't seek medical advice from teh internetz. Also, have you just never heard of boobs before? How the hell could you think gyno from one single HARD lump under only one side of your chest.




i've found that on google too

they all say the samething:
hurts when touched = NOT cancer
and they all talk about men with ACTUAL BREASTS

this is a hard lump on a lean/skinny guy

why dont' u think its gyno?


I sometimes feel a small lump under my nipples too. But it usually goes away. I seriously doubt it's cancer because I drink a litre of green tea like everyday. And no on in my immediate family has a link to any cancer.

It's probably just runner's nipple, a cyst, or FIBROADENOMAS. Both are non-cancerous. It could also just be gyno.


If you had gyno, one would assume that it would be present in the other nipple. Also, from your diet it doesn't appear that you are consuming any estrogen. To be on the safe side I would go to the doctor. Maybe someone with a better understanding of the endocrine system could chime in?


Although both of those things help a lot, it doesn't mean you won't get cancer. Even worse, you might have a false sense of security that would let a cancer progress beyond treatment. You're probably fine - just keep it in mind!


For the love of God, you GO TO THE DOCTOR. Why do you even need to be told that??


ive got gyno, (waiting on the docs orders) and it started in my left nipple when i was about 16 then when to my right about 6 months later. also with his diet chicken is pumped full with environmental estrogens. stay away from it. also i used to drink about a gallon of milk every day or two. not really sure if that had anything to do with it, just sharing from my experience.

but....anyway.... go to a doctor immediatly, make a HUGE deal about it, tell him to get on the fucking ball and find out what it is. my doc said "ohhh thats just your hormones itll go away in a few years" yeahhh buuuuulllshit!! my doc didnt do this and now im 18 with fucked up gyno




I had it when I was about 13. And still I don't have a chest. Damn.


aren't all gynos soft?
i had pea sized ones on both sides when i first hit puberty. but now its grape size on one side.
i stopped growing at 18 and im about 23 now.


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That's crazy talk. You need an internet forum referral first.