Hard Lump at Subq Injection Site

Hello, Ive recently started injecting subq and this is about my third injection. I’ve been injecting into the fat next to my belly button. I objected myself earlier and just noticed I have a really hard lump under the skin which you can visually see as well. Is this normal ?

FWIW I did see a Youtube video that specifically said not to inject next to the belly button. I have been using the “love handles” and being pretty low body fat, find that to be easy for me. Sometimes a little painful though.

Hmm I’ll bring it up to my doc since he’s the one who told me to inject it just like I do hcg since I have issues with IM injections. do you just pinch some skin at your love handles and inject at a 90 or 45 degree ?

Yep! 45 degree angle, maybe a little lower. Come to think of it, I should probably increase the angle a bit to lower the pain.

I’ve also done the fat 1-2" from the belly button and that seemed to work alright too but I would feel a lump of sorts. Haven’t really noticed that going further to the side.

I agree with Big Mistake. Give the love handle a try. Pinch up a small wad of skin. Go in straight and slowly move the needle from left to right or right to left. You are effectively spraying the T in the gap you have created by pinching and lifting the skin. It is so easy and so painless. No lumps no bumps no PIP.

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Go straight in as in a 90 degree ? Idk why but I’m like terrified that I’ll inject beyond the fat this way lol. And move it side to side as I’m injecting ?

Those lumps just happen sometimes. Try massaging the injection a little right afterwards if you tend to get them. And if you get past the fat, it just becomes IM, so no harm no foul.