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Hard Lump After Delt Shot

After my delt shot of test 250 and deca 200 I had a good amount of blood run out didn’t think to much of it. Next day little pip grew worse as work went on. Today less pain but still swollen should I be worried at all or just stop pinning that spot for awhile.

I have had similar things happen, as long as you don’t suspect infection, I wouldn’t worry too much about it and just find a new spot to pin.

Thanks for a little input it is my fourth cycle and I’ve never had one so I just can’t tell. Just feels a little off from usual sore and tenderness but I have had swelling that persisted that in the end turned out to be nothing but a bad bottle

You really tried to push 250 +200 into your shoulder? Man that takes balls. Did your ass already have PIP? How about giving this a try.

I went there last night still bad pip unusual for my glutes so It’s gotta be the gear. Also I just rotate glutes and delts to give a longer break to each

Bummer. If its bad gear. When on my TRT dose I subQ around my waist but you can’t do that with 200ml of X 3 times a week. This right above the asscheek as been the only place I could pump that much gear in without PIP. I wear shorts and swimming trunks at my gym so the thigh is not an option.

The thigh to me is the absolute worst spot I only do it under certain circumstances and I had a ex look at it (she’s a np) no infection but oil didn’t deposit into my delt and is now trapped in my triceps waiting game with massages and hot compress now though pain is almost gone