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Hard Lump 4 Days After Injection

ok so its been 4 days now and i had a hard lump at my injection site.
i want to say that the lump started on the 2nd day. so on the 3rd day its was red and warm but today the redness is going away and feels less hot but the lump is still there! now i don’t think that the way i injected it could have caused an infection as i am very careful and swab really well and more than once at the site ( i waste lots of alc swabs). iv done my research here and elsewhere but i can’t find any definitive answer.
is it an infection?

If the redness is going away it’s probably just a knot. Read the injection pain sticky.

If your in any doubt, go see a doctor.

I did, got antibiotics, lump went. Problem solved.

i read the injection pain theard so many times now…
i went to the doc just to play it safe, he gave me some antibiotics. lets see how it goes