Hard Gainer - the skinny guy!

Well, the title says it all. I read the Skinny Bastard diet on this site a while ago, and it’s been working great. That, and the fact that I stopped going to the gym for 2 hours per day. All these years of training hard, all the books I bought, all the magazines I’ve read, all the sacrifices I made, and all the calories I passed up…I finally had enough, and decided to learn a little more about why my weight is still the same. Being a skinny guy, I don’t have a huge appetite, so it’s been tough to make myself eat. I have found very little content or help for people who have trouble gaining weight. But the skinny bastard diet, and the shorter duration/high intensity workouts have made the world of difference so far. The trouble I have is: I need some more help with program design. I am not sure about the “Ideal” sets, reps, weights, rest period between sets, necessary recovery time between workouts, and so on. If anyone has any related information, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been on a serious bulking stage now for about 15 weeks. First of all, switch your plans every 5-6 weeks and keep eating like a fockin’ mad-man. In regards to your question…Look in the FAQ section of the site. There’s plenty there for you to pick from…What I found most productive for putting on mass, was like you said, heavier weight / fewer reps works the best. Also, make the ‘big’ lifts the core of your workout (Deads, Rows, Pull-ups, Squats, etc…) I don’t feel like typing out a complete example but here is what a day might look like and very similiar to what I used in one of my last progams. Day 1: Back/Biceps - Rows 4 X 10-8; Prone DB Rows 4 X 10-8; Seated Rows 4 X 10-8. Hammer Curls 4 X 10-8; Concentration Curls 4 X 10-8; Reverse Curls 4 X 10-8. I usually start at about 70 % of Max, use a 402 tempo and usually rest between 1-2 min. contingent upon muscle group. blah…blah…blah. Dude, All you have to do is play around and see what works for you. Are you keeping a workout log along with your food log??

What is your current workout like?

Your “ideal” reps, sets, and rest periods depends on what training phase you are talking about. Need more info.