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Hard-Gainer Program


New to the site. I come to you for direction. I’m almost 22, 6", 175 pounds. I’ve been working out on and off for the past couple years, and have got pretty serious over the last half-year. I’ve read a ton of your articles about people built like me (I’m an ecto/hard-gainer type, long limbs, narrow shoulders, waist and wrists). I’ve learned that the simple principles for building a better body is indeed simple. Get in and out, intensity is more important than volume, it’s better to be frequent than infrequent, eat more than 4 meals a day (2xBW for protein) and tons of carbs. It’s simple.

Outside of the standard big lifts in every program, I’m really interested in some of the olympic lifts in your programs specifically the high pull and cleans. I’ve been doing hang clean to push presses in my basement the last couple of weeks and am really feeling the results. That’s all I’ve been doing and my back is filling up. I’d really love to add a lift like this to my training, but I know that would involve me balancing out what I’m already doing to accommodate. I do nothing more than squat, deadlift, press, row and bodyweight work right now.

My goal is process-orientated. I know I’m not going to be where I want tomorrow but I know a little work every day will get me to where I want to be (I would love to be pushing 200 pounds by fall). I want to keep getting bigger and stronger, and would really appreciate a recommendation on which of your programs would best suit me?