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to all hard gainers out there,I am 19 and at it for nearly 2 years and gains have stoped…nutrician is good 250 grams of protein,400 grams of carbs and 30% fat…I am 153 lbs.I am 5 7"…could people who have went through this type of thing give me some tips and tricks that got you over the hump…any info would be greatly appreciated…thank you all…

T-mag has written a whole article on what to do when your gains stop. Heck, I’m high on a dose and a half of Power Drive so I’ll even give you the link:

What is your total Calorie intake? You probably don’t need that much protein, just more Calories.

250g of prot = 1000cal

400g of carb = 1600cal

2600 cal = 70% of diet. Total diet = 3715 calories. Therefore you’re getting 124g of fat.

I would suggest as the ‘easy’ solution of adding 4 eggs to your current diet every morning. Another quick fix would be to take 10g of Salmon Oil (if you’re not already) to reduce your immune reaction to training (so more calories go to building instead of healing).