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Hard Gainer and Low Metabolism?


Is it possible to be a hard gainer and have a low metabolism? It seems like some guys who work out still get fat, where some will get ripped with the same diet. It makes me think these one guys are hard gainers of muscle, but can easily gain fat.

Is this even possible? Is some of this occurance genetic or is it all poor diet?



well this is very common, and can be easily corrected with proper nutritional habits.
go see a dietitian, i did when i was younger and it helped alot.
or even jenny craig will give you some valueable dieting skills.
and than what you learn there you will be able to apply to your body building skills.
its all caloric manipulation.


JENNY FUCKING CRAIG?!?!!??! Are you serious?


How could someone get "ripped" unless they were dieting (taking in less calories than their body needed to maintain their weight)? How could someone get fat unless they were NOT dieting (and taking in too many calories)? If you are trying to gain muscle and you put on too much body fat, you are eating too much. How much do you weigh?


Now That's some funny shit right there - any valuable dieting information you might need will be right here on this website but Jenny Craig? LMAO

You do get genetically gifted freaks who will lift and eat how they want and still grow faster than people following strict programs, but I think people who believe the are hardgainers in general aren't following the principles correctly.


I'm not really referring to me. I have no muscles, especially in the upper body (like 12.5 inch arms), but I have a horrible appetite (1500 kcals/day) partly due to some ADD medicine I was taking. I'm getting better, though, by eating even when I feel unhungry. I don't know if I'm a hardgainer, but if I had to guess, I'd say no considering I am already gaining weight from eating 2000 calories.

I really was just saying this as a question for knowledge sake. Stripped down I guess I was asking if muscle gain is solely dependant on metablolism, or if some people are more inclined to put the food they eat to muscle gain. It seemed obvious at first (yes) but I started thinking about it and it doesn't seem as obvious now.

Meatwad, who just wants to learn about nutrition



It's mostly a matter of quality, both of your training program and your nutrition. If your program is bad, no amount of fine tuning your nutrition will help. If you eat lost of crappy foods and don't get enough protein, you won't be able to do much in the gym.

Oh, and most people have a hard time gaining muscle. Some are better off in that regard, but the fact remains same principles apply for all.


Both of you comments are correct because they are for the most part related. I would classify someone who has "good genes" as someone who has a moderate metabolism meaning they can put on muscle easily while minimizing fat gain. On the other had, I would classify a person with "bad genes" as someone with very slow(more fat storage) or very fast(burns every calorie like it's going out of style)metabolism. However, that is not set in stone. Just because someone has a moderate metabolism does NOT mean they put on muscle easily, though they would build muscle faster than someone of equal muscle building potential with a faster metabolism, if all other factors were equal. I hope that makes some sense, it's all mostly hypothetical and very general ideas as far as physiology goes as I understand it.


oh come on i subscribe to like 3 different bodybuilding magazines and not one pro eats whatsoever he wants.
do your reasearch.


Are you replying to something someone actually said or are the voices in your head confusing you again?


Yeah, because we all know that bodybuilding magazines never, ever, lie about what pro bodybuilders put into their body.