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Hard Conditioning in Commercial Gym?

I’d like to gather some ideas for 2 days hard conditioning and 2 days easy conditioning. To be done after jumps/throws, lifts and assistance.

They don’t have a prowler at the gym I use. They do have the usual treadmills, rowing machines, kettlebell. Haven’t been able to find a jump rope, but might buy one and bring it with me.

What could be done for hard conditioning (15 mins) and what could be done for easy conditioning (15 mins)??

Any help and idea very much appreciated.

Heavy-ish conditioning: kettlebell swings, 10x10 EMOM. That’s 10 minutes, gradually work up to 15x10.

Easy conditioning, not sure about the 15 minutes. It’s usually a low intensity activity done for 30-60 minutes, like walking, weighted vest walking and cycling. Should help you recover, not take an extra toll on your body.

10 sets
Plank walkouts to 2 commando pushups
10 sets
5 Dips while holding the treadmills’s handreels
Rows for 15s

I see. I’ll leave the easy conditioning life in general. I’ll try just get out and walk.

As for the kettlebell emom that’s something I can easily apply straight away.


I run into the same problem training in a dreaded commercial gym.

One thing I found to replicate the prowler as close as possible is a deadmill sprint. Essentially you just sprint on the treadmill with it off and have to generate power with your legs to get the belt going. You put your hands on the front handles and bend over so it is similar to a prowler position. I usually do 10 sets EMOM of 15-25 sec on then rest the remainder. hope that helps.

Not in a gym, but find a little hill you can run up and do hill sprints. They are BRUTAL. My driveway is ~85 yards and gains about 30 feet from my garage to the road. I’ve managed 15 times, absolutely gassed.

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I have been doing the incline treadmill sprints and it has been great.

Medium jog 2 minutes
Max incline hard run 1 minute
Repeat as needed for desired rounds

Do you count swings as the 50-100 core of your assistance? I wanted to add EMOM as conditioning but wasn’t sure if I should count it as my core assistance or could just add it at the end of my workout as hard conditioning.

Did it at home on a separate day (off days usually), but if I had to do it at the end of the workout I’d count EMOM swings as both leg/core and conditioning.
If you’re pushing hard conditioning you’re supposed to scale back assistance anyway, as a generic thing on most templates with higher volume/intensity (BBB, BBS, SSL) if you’re doing hard conditioning 2-3 times a week I’d scale core work back to about 25 reps, minimal amount, and only abdominal work (no legs or low back stuff).
If you’re running something like 5’s pro + 5x5 fsl for all lifts then you can push it to about 50 reps, and I’d still stick to mostly abs work. 10x10 swings is 100 reps of an exercise that hits your legs and low back fairly good.

I had a similar problem. Although my gym does have a prowler, there really isn’t any good spot to use it and the small area that they have is usually always being used. I ended up buying the rogue echo dog sled and i head over to a turf field around the corner my gym afterward i lift and use it there.