Hard Conditioning/Farmer's Walks

How often is it safe to do heavy farmer’s walks for 10yd. shuttles? I’m up to usin 65lbs. for a 10yd “there and back” about 3 to 4 times per attempt.

I’m not sure how “intense” or whatever this kind of conditioning is and never done it before, just lookin for what to expect frequency wise.

Didn’t you just post about how you’re injured and doing light recovery work or something? If your not doing any other kind of work I’m sure this is fine.

well if you are not injured then you can go way heavier. im not that strong and i do 100lbs each hand for 80+yards each run. i have gone up to 210 each hand for 60 feet.

Problem is my grip. I CAN walk with 90’s easy, just I need straps to do so for a good distance.

I am “injured” (can’t really go to the docs for full analysis, but the first one said my abs were probably strained), I considered farmer’s walks light active recovery since they’re like “walking planks”.

I WILL be working out 3x a week this coming monday, though, but i figured Farmer’s walks would be about the same as prowler conditioning depending on frequency/weight used.