Hard Conditioning and Strength

well , guys do you cut your conditioning when you deload with lifting ? or you keep it the same way?

I think a deload of volume, rather than intensity, is a better approach for conditioning. Performing in the same intensity but for shorter durations/distances. Another approach I guess would be to keep the volume (amount of sessions) but doing something more low impact like jogging, swimming, cycling…

Just my thoughts…

prowler suicides after my max dead on tuesday and again after max squat on friday. there just is nothing left after that. Also 500meter rowing erg repeats after max effort and speed upper body days. Just to drain anything that is left in the tank.

I try and keep my sprint sessions before my heavy-leg workouts or on different days entirely. If you hit heavy squats, deadlifts it becomes near impossible to maintain sprint speed. Drawing the power from the quads and hamstrings when they are exhausted is hard. But some-times you can get away with it in the morning of your heavy leg days, esp if you are working out later in the day or at night. (and you can catch a nap in between) Just make sure that if you are including sprints on a heavy routine to Eat like it as well.

I also tend to mix up sprint days with sledge hammer work and boxing or ab work. (or some kind of general conditioning) Sprinting is almost as rough on the abs as it is on the legs so you can mix it around your routine but try and do them fresh.


Hill sprints are great but make sure you are doing some sprint intervals on level ground and that you do some down-hill running as well. All of it hits the leg muscles a little differently. (running over various terrain helps too)