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Hard Conditioning and Strength


Cheers folks, hope you're all doing well and feeling good.

So I was wondering about implementation of hard conditioning like hill sprints, sled/prowler pushing into a strength routine... Been reading alot of Jim Wendlers' stances on things like that. How many of you had experience with doing hill sprints on the same days as lower body sessions and what kind of results did you see?

Did you do it right after the workout like a finisher, or first thing in the morning, safely spaced from the ME session? I know one general rule is never do it the day before a heavy lower body session. So the rest is fair game? considering my recovery is proper with nutrition/sleep and I don't do like 50 sprints?

Greatly appreciate your help, cheers and all the best!


I am keen to see thoughts on this too. I normally break up the strength and hard conditioning about 3 days apart.


I train my legs 3 times a week. And on one of those days I'd do sprints at the end of session. But that'll be on the light leg day though -- not on a heavy squat or deadlift day.

On my conditioning day, I'd also include Sprints when I'm done with Prowler push/pull and Sledgehammer work.

The sprints at the end of leg session are a killer. I can't hardly walk after that and I'm always close to puking. I always make sure I sprint on one modafucking badass incline until my legs cannot carry me no more. Uusally about 10 rounds of 20-30 secs. Then good stretch, good food and good sleep :slightly_smiling: I usually have DOMs two days later, when my heavy leg session is due. And that sucks, haha.

On the conditioning day, I sprint outdoors, pick up a nice steep hill and go for it.

As for the results; nice, strong lean legs :slightly_smiling:


Im a big fan of staying north of vag from 5/3/1. So currently Im running 5/3/1 but adding in 30 prowler pushes after overhead press, deadlift, and squat. I go on a MWFSat schedule. The 3 days I push are M W and Sat. I avoid doing it before squat day because its heavy volume on your lower body. It works well as a conditioning and your legs will obviously adjust to the volume over time.

Go for it after any of your sessions as long as you don't have a lower body day the day after. I would suggest not starting at 90 pushes/week though.


I train on 5/3/1 and normally i put sprints on shoulder or bench day.

Never on deadlift or squat days.

Last time i did that i pulled my back.


Great feedback guys, lots of stuff to go on. Thanks alot!

Right now from all I've read (including Jim's stance on this), Prowler/Sled/Hills are best to do on the lower body days, after the workout. I guess doing them on the upper body days makes sense too, as long as it's not the day before you squat/deadlift. I think I'll reserve the off days for some lighter stuff like lighter sled or bodyweight GPP for recovery.

I know it's not Prowler/Sled/Hills, but I did 10 burpee intervals after my squat workout yesterday, 30w/10r, it felt intense but good. Burned through the entire thing but felt great afterwards.


I do sprints with a weighted sled for conditioning. I try to do them 3 days a week but sometimes I get suckered into 4 with my son. I like doing them after squat or deadlift day. I've not seen a gain in my squats from these but my deadlift has gone up (I recently pulled a triple with 495 which is what I was doing for a single a handful of months ago). They've also leaned me out nicely.

Life gets in the way of me doing these right after my training as I would prefer and typically do them at night. I'm not really strict about how many I do or how I advance. Typically I just do them until I can't.



having a good mix of strength & conditioning has made me feel f*cking amazing. i'd highly suggest finding a good balance for yourself.


Definately. Right now I got conditioning more emphasized because of football, but my main goal is towards strength. I'm definately looking to keep a good level of it though, you feel and perform much better when you're well conditioned.


I think the point of doing sled/sprints on leg & dead days is that they target the same body parts. Therefore you get the work done and you also get time off to recover. If you did them on your upper body days then you would be hitting your lower body 4+ times a week.

Thibs does a similar thing with his HP mass program with sled work after legs.

Anyone got a good upper body conditioning workout i can do after bench and mil press?


Sled work is very easy to recover from. Personally I just get it in after training as often as possible.

I'll either do sled work immediately aftr squats or squat in the AM and sled in the PM depending on time constraints.

It's one of those things where it's best not to over think or you'll go mad lol, just get it in!


Have you tried Kb swings ?? or fast and light push press/thrusters. I have played around with the latter as a tabata routine although don't really have the horsepower for it yet.


I do DB swings as a finisher. 3 sets, 15 reps each hanf with 30 seconds between sets. Has me huffin' good and as long as your recovery is in check you should be fine by the next day. Ideally I wouldn't do them before a lower body day though.


Haven't tried KB swings since they blew up my tennis elbow. Going to get hold of some battling ropes and throw them into a circuit with heavy bag, med ball slams and push ups


So far I have found burpees and jump rope sprints to be really effective conditioning tools that don't fatigue the CNS and muscles too hard while still giving me one hell of a workout.


learn to shadow box, or find a heavy bag and beat the hell out of it. fantastic cardio, and good work for the entire body, mainly from the waist up.


Oh man, burpee's done right will make you honest and even more so if with a weighted vest. I also love hammer swings and 40yd dash intervals. Similar to what others have said it is best to time it away from heavy lower body work but then again the lower body can take a beating.


Did 10 hill sprints after deadlift session today. Assistance volume was low. Felt good, reckon the hill was aboit 35-40 yards. It was pretty hot out and the only rest I took was the jog down, I believe I could push for 15. I did go home and do 5 burpee intervals though, so good day :slightly_smiling: next week the focus starts shifting over to strength and mass, very excited! Plan to keep kicking my ass with short, intense conditioning.


Tested my rope out for the 1st time today. Simply put these things are awesome. Prowler pushes followed by battling rope drills, totally smashed me & loved every minute of it!


Today was my first day on the new 5/3/1 template I'm going to run. Doing 4 days a week, hard conditioning on lower body days after lifting and two days of lighter GPP which is done on the off days.

Today was deadlift. Felt good so I pushed the final set, but I left quite a few in the tank because I wanted to do some hills after. I'm still a bit on the conditioning mindset, and I want to make the transition gradually. Workout was good, ran 15 x 60 yard hills at the end, rest being a brisk walk back down. Felt awesome afterwards.

Thanks everyone for all the input and advice!