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Hard Case Detective Adopts 2 Young Kids


Usually when I check the news online each morning, it's the usual depressing stuff. This actually made me genuinely smile, tear up a little, and serve as a reminder that there are still some good guys out there trying to make a difference.




That’s an awesome story. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing. Needed that today.


Thanks Stu.


Just kinda hit home with me. I work with a lot of kids who come from less than ideal home situations. Quite a few times I’ve come to learn that students of mine are going home to their foster parents who seem to be just collecting kids so they can get the govt check every month.

Nice to hear that these two young men lucked out with an adoptive Father who genuinely cares about, and will look out for them.



I’m glad I watched.


Awesome. Thanks Stu.


How awesome of him. He probably just saved those kids lives.