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Hard Boiled Eggs

What’s the opinion on Whole eggs?

I’ve been doin this thing for a little while now where I’ll eat a few hard boiled eggs as a meal some days, 1 or 2 here and there for a snack on others.

In my head it makes sense to do this because eggs are low cal high protein and full of good cholesterol.

Am I ok doing this or is there something i’m missing?

I’m an advocate for whole eggs. Only when I switch my goal to losing fat do I lower the number of whole eggs I eat (only two whole with a cup of egg whites in the morning). This is only because anything above 2 whole eggs, I start to exceed my daily fat intake requirements. I don’t exceed my daily fat with just the two eggs, but the coconut oil, olive oil, fat from meat, etc.

During maintenance, or looking to put on some mass, I do not shy away from having 6 whole eggs for breakfast. One of my favourite, clean meals to eat…plus we have home raised chickens, so the eggs are usually available, fresh, and hormone free. But often I out eat our hens’ production, so I still buy the mass farmed eggs and don’t worry about it too much.

I guess, long story short, it depends on your current fitness goals, and your nutrition for the rest of the day. I can’t think of any reason 1-3 eggs a day will have any ill-effects, other than gas for some people. I haven’t eaten less than 2 whole eggs in a day in over a year and I’m still kickin’. Good luck with your goals!

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I eat 6-12 eggs per day every day gaining, losing or maintaining. Have so for 10 years. All my markers are excellent.

I lose by manipulating carbs, so my eggs aren’t sacrificed :slight_smile:.

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Exellent whole food after 3 eggs im good not calling Jimmy Johns for 1000 cal sub, got 4 in my fridge now, the cholesterol is good for you way better than a fast food value meal.