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Hard Body Training, Push Press Alternative?

Hey Chris,

I love the hard body training for women but have a question. I was a volleyball player for most my life and with that it has caused some pains in my shoulder. I am now a collegiate coach which means I am constantly using my arm for hitting. The push press has been great previously but now being a coach and my shoulder getting a lot of work during practices. I was wondering if you could suggest an exercise to switch for the push press?

Try getting ART and or graston on your shoulder. You might need to do external rotations on your knee, rear delt work and trap 3 raises.

I like landmine push presses with a Viking press attachment. I also like push presses on the Smith machine, sometimes with bands. They are both better on my shoulder, but if you are doing Volleyball you should IMO include plenty of external rotation work, face pulls with a cable or sled, and upright or chest support Cuban raises.