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Hard Body Training for Women


Hi Christian, i’ve come across your program and just completed the first day. I’m wondering if maybe I’m not doing the rest periods properly. The workout took me over 2 hours to complete and tho I’m not afraid of hard work, i’ve read many times that for fat loss workouts should remain close to 60 min to avoid cortisol.

I’m resting between each set. So performing 1x5 resting 2 min the performing the other sets in the group with resting between each (say 5x5 group). I feel I may have done this wrong and should have only rested after the 5x5?

Thanks for any clarification you can give!



Holy shit balls. I just realized I did all the squats for the whole 10 week program :sob::astonished::disappointed_relieved:


Contemplating on deleting my question but I don’t mind looking dumb. I need someone to laugh with me or I might cry. :raised_hands:


You do like 40 sets of squats? I don’t think your intensity is there. That should have killed you.


Zapata the rest periods were 90 seconds to 2 min. But yes when I got to my 1rm I realized I undershot.